Short update for this week. I’m often at odds at myself whether I’m doing the right thing, what makes me happy, what my morals are and what I do for the movement. I try my best. And sometimes like in situations I stated before I will eat meat. Whether its a food prepared by my mother in law or eating out with friends anre their are no good vegetarian options. Should I just not eat and wait to go home? Should I tell everybody to find a vegetarian option place to eat just for me? Or do I not enjoy eating a famous restaurant with my wife and I know its something we used to constantly enjoy.

But I still consider myself vegetarian…but that makes me a big hypocrite. Is the cause and morals for what I’m doing not mean enough to me. In the end, it come down to the past time and making others happy. Its something I don’t want anyone to feel guilty of. Eating is a important part of peoples lives and I want people and my wife to be happy.

Its not a good thing I ate meat sometimes to see this. But in the end, it taste very good. Too good. How can you expect people to give it up. Makes me think for the many reasons people may change whether for ethics, morals, health etc. The taste and sanctification from meat is just too high and overcomes those reasons. I don’t care how good you make tofu and vegetables, its nearly impossible to say that it will be comparable to a steak or burger. I think if people had the option to eat beef or a plant that tasted exactly like beef. People would choose the plant based one so a cow wouldn’t suffer and die.

Do I feel guilty, sometimes yes. Its not an excuse or making it OK. It is a learning process and for everybody it will be. The point is to be aware of the issue and try your best. Its up to companies to produce humanely these animal products or some new innovator to make good tasting non meat foods at restaurants. BUt its our choice that can help determine those outcomes.

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