Happy Holidays! But Not For All Pets

Happy Holidays! But Not For All Pets

So its the Holiday season. Black Friday deals just passed, people are getting into the Christmas spirit. A New Year and a new beginning is on the horizon for many people. What a joyful time to think of loved ones and those you care for. What do you do for those you care for? You get them a gift. What do some get for a gift? A puppy, a kitten, a bunny, etc. A cute cuddley bundle of joy!

Yet, the happiness and the initial excitement fades. People realize, its not a toy, it needs time, care, love, responsibility, money to even have one. So off to the shelter they go. Its alright, what can you do, you don’t have the time, someone will adopt your animal right? Lets not kid ourselves at the reality on what is going to happen to most these pets. There is no happy holiday for them. A short term love and care and will only be discarded like an unwanted gift. I’m sad for them and wish people would realize its more than just a gift.

An article on WTOP by Maggie Martolomeo highlights this in a subtle way. Explaining there is more to just getting a pet, it needs to be a discussion. That a sad fear is pets become unwanted. But what happens to the pet when it becomes unwanted? What happens to the animal? Is it a happy ending? At least this was on the front page of WTOP in the Christmas section. I hope this will change the minds of some to research or do more before making such a big decision. But I wish people really knew the consequences. So that these animals who only want love and want to give love are given that chance.

WTOP Article: http://wtop.com/christmas-news/2016/12/might-rethink-getting-puppy-christmas/

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