Happy Anniversary!

Sorry wife, its not our wedding anniversary. Its not our first date anniversary. Its not any anniversary between us, not even our child. But its a two year anniversary of me becoming vegetarian! It seems so distant and so long ago. Its hard for me to grasp that I made such a big and happy change for my life. If anything I wish I started much much earlier.

It was nearly two years ago did my wife and I watch the Cowspiracy documentary. And even though I was in the environmental field for so many years. I knew of these atrocities and horrors that happen. Until I watched it and had many long hours of discussion with my wife. I just realized something was wrong with me on the core. I needed to make a change and I needed to do what was right. I felt it was more of calling than anything and this was the easiest and best way to help.

I always said, I wanted to become a veterinarian as a child to help animals. I wanted to become environmental science major to help animals from deforestation. So guess what, I CAN and AM helping the animals but never eating meat or getting animal products from irresponsibility raised or treated farm animals. I can fulfill my career goals, have a greater appreciation of life, and be much happier morally as a person by becoming vegetarian/vegan. I ask that others just to sit and think about it. To discuss it. And to reach this new understanding.

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