Happily Crowded Birthday Dinner

Happily Crowded Birthday Dinner

I’m proud to reach a milestone of over 2 years of being vegetarian. Ups and downs sure, but ever so slight. I’m steady on this course and will be forever. Nothing is going to sink this vegetarian/vegan ship.

For my birthday, I was joined by my lovely wife, son, and sister in law. They asked what I wanted to eat and where to go. I think we all knew the answer to that one. Sunflower Vegetarian restaurant!!!!! You want to make me happy, we going to eat somewhere that will for sure make me happy. I’ve only gone during lunches with my wife. Yeah few tables are taken here and there during those weekday lunch hours. Feel bad that this place might not be doing so well. But hey its been here many years.

How I couldn’t be more wrong. There was a FULL HOUSE! at the restaurant on friday night in August. I couldn’t be more happy to see the wonderful people eating and enjoying the delicious food. That a true movement is growing and vegetarian restaurants can succeed this day and age. I can’t even begin to show the love and happiness that I felt when I walked into that crowded, packed place. I wouldn’t have mind waiting in line for once. It brings me back down to my roots and thoughts of why I started doing what I do. To save animals, to let them be loved. To save the environmental and just bring back some passion to this world. I hope one day every restaurant will be like this.

My wife and I love the shreeded beef imitation and mock general tso chicken. Its so tasty, you can’t even tell the difference! Now what really makes me sad, is I had a ton of pictures of this momentous event in my life. But I got drunk as hell the next day, was dumb to try to log into my phone, I couldn’t hit the passcode correctly. *wipe wipe wipe*. No thats not the sounds of a window or floor being cleaned. Its the event of a phone wiping to zero data as a security risk. My wife was smart enough to take one photo with her own phone and salvage the memory.

But if you’re in the area, please visit Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant in Falls Church, Virginia. It is in the seven corners area. Its hard to miss!

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