Hacksaw Ridge – Desmond Doss also an Animal Hero

When I heard the word, it rung out to me like a siren from a fire truck. Sound the alarms. A great movie about Besmond Doss inspiring millions about his heroics in World War Two. He inspired not only because of of his principals to not hold a gun to fight because he valued a human life. He valued all life. Even the most desperate of times in war when hunger and survival are at is worst. He still would not eat meat. A real tribute as a true animal lover who respected all lives. I wonder myself when I slip here or there, not that I hate myself, but what example am I setting.

I’m so happy it is shown in a movie like this by millions. That there is no stigma or negatives to being compassionate for life. Even the greatest of people embrace that type of lifestyle. You can still do the most amazing things like any other meat eater where strength and intensity is needed. Its something to be proud of. It won’t hold you back.

Read more about Desmond Doss in PETA post here: http://www.peta.org/blog/hacksaw-ridge-real-life-hero-desmond-doss-receives-peta-award/

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