Got Milk….? No I Don’t. Its Cruel And Unhealthy.

Milk milk, need it for strong bones right? No. Need it to grow big and tall right? No. Lots of myths around milk. People think its harmless to drink and get. Little do people know the realities of how we get milk. Its a shocker. It isn’t worth it. Get your protein and calcium from somewhere else. An animal doesn’t need to live a miserable life so you can have some milk to eat with your breakfast.

I post a video by Samantha in Honk Kong who has done some extraordinary work for veganism and animal compassion. By following her instagram, you can tell shes smart, shes bold, and she has the courage to make a change. Please share the shocking truth behind that milk mustache you have and that we don’t need it anymore. I fully applaud her and her work. Watch her video and learn. Educate yourself and spread awareness.



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