My wife, son, mother and I all traveled on a quite ambitious, long, amazing, tiring, stressful, confusing, exhilarating, memorable road trip from southeastern France across all over northern Italy.

Here’s the Itinerary,

Wednesday 4/18/18 Fly
Thursday (Land 12:25pm) 4/19/18
Friday 4/20/18 Lake Como Drive
Saturday 4/21/18 Lake Como
Sunday 4/22/18 Lake Como
Monday 4/23/18 Lake Como/Verona
Tuesday 4/24/18 Verona
Wednesday 4/25/18 Verona/Venice
Thursday 4/26/18 Venice/Turin
Friday 4/27/18 Turin/Provence
Saturday 4/28/18 Provance
Sunday 4/29/18 Provance
Monday 4/30/18 Provance
Tuesday 5/1/18 Provance
Wednesday (Fly 3:25pm) 5/2/18 Provance, London

I kept an open mind and by that I mean no mind at all when going on this trip about what I would encounter when it came to principles and values of this blog. The type of people I would encounter, the way they treat the environment, how animals seem to fair, or food I would eat. I have come to realize I was pleasantly surprised on a variety of occasions. The vegan/vegetarian wave has seem to make its grasp into every grocery store and even in mainstream media. Plant based options are increasing and advertised. You often hear the word “vegan” on day time kids shows. Once on episode of some teenage show that one student called out another student for not being aware that a fellow classmate was vegan. How far we have come.

So on our epic road trip across two long time world cultures with a history that is unmatched by most. It seems that veganism and vegetarianism has also put down its foot in these two countries. In one small grocery store, there was one small section dedicated to vegan frozen goods. In the main supermarket in Verona, there were a variety of frozen and fresh vegan items for sale. And thought they haven’t made the super stride of veganism at restaurants. There are ample and abundant choices of delicious foods for vegetarians. Unfortunately, cheese is a main staple in these Italy and France and not something so easily changed. But even to go away from meats and flesh. It opens your eyes and back to my thought that the battle for compassionate living will be fought in the kitchen. If it tastes good, people will eat it. So you can visit and eat 100 varieties of pasta dishes in Italy with no meat in it at all. And yet you find city populations that rely on this non meat based food.

The fresh markets were abundant all over France. Which points access to fresh and high quality foods for people. There is no need for the factory farming evil that is established in America. People get good quality food quite easily. Which can lead to a further transition in what people know about their food and how they get it. People might not be so ignorant to the cause for compassionate living.

My wife was in heaven with all the different varieties of fresh baked goods. I most definitely engorged myself in the bread and croissants as if it were my last. People have a different air and vibe where we visited. Pleasure took a forefront and was not something that extra time was used for. Food, family and happiness all go hand in hand. People take their time to enjoy life and the environment around them. They walk a ton and don’t eat in the monstrous amounts we do. These lifestyles spare the lives of thousand of animals simply because they do not eat the same amounts as us. I can’t imagine when one day a breakthrough is made to mimic the cheeses. I can see all cows and chickens be let free to roam after that!

There was one time I was caught off guard randomly in Verona. I saw an Adopt, Don’t Shop sticker in the adjacent neighborhood to downtown. So the knowledge and fight for our pet friends is global. The problem doesn’t exist just in the US. But their are fighters everywhere. It was quite invigorating and inspiring to know they are here. I wish I could hand them a Pet Loyal tag to wear around. I tell you people love their pets.

These subtle experiences were very rewarding to me personally how I live my life and what my wife and I would want for our family. Espeically with our son, Henry will be growing up into a new world. How we guide and teach him to be a part of this new world is determined by us. I hope to share with him these values into becoming a compassionate and loving person who respects all life. And whatever decision he decides to make, it can lead to a better world for everyone.





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