From Bread to Shred

I’m still ever fine tuning my diet and workout programs. Its almost 16 years now from where I first starting hitting the gym. Always wanted those abs and perfect body. The goal get girls. Yeah lets be real. I’m not getting big muscles to impress myself necessarily.

But happily ever so after 6 years ago, I met the love of my life and now married. I didn’t get her with my non existent abs but she lovedĀ other things about me. And in life that’s what matters to be happy whatever it may be. And now why do I seek so much to get rip and have muscles. Its just that long attaining goal that has always been out of sight. Its just my driven self to reach that goal. Jump high and kick to pass that finish line. But another incentive was given when my health and blood work showed I had some issues with cholesterol, lipids, and fat content.

Who knew.. I was being vegetarian and eating just all vegetables, fruits, tofu, rice. I had the perfect lifestyle for the perfect health. I should be glowing in my health report. It was a big shock to me. It wasn’t anything that bad but to show I wasn’t eating lots of healthy fats is a big surprise because I eat it all the time. In the end, it was concluded I just needed to lose weight. So put down that hennessy, put down the wild nights, time to kick it in gear.

My wife suggested I reevaluate my diet and possibly eat meat again. I did consider to eat meat again. Again it is for my own health and well being. If it is too be compromised then what is it all for. But in the end, I could not break my own morals. But I did reevaluate, time to hit the forums, the new trends, find the experts on it. I decided it was time to real get down and dirty. My wife suggested a guy who went from a nerd to this “hot” dude. And That lead me to read about macronutrients and a dieting scheme a good friend of mine was following earlier years back.

Needless to say its working and working gloriously. Managing my macronutrients with the carbs, fats and protien is helping tremondously. I feel so dumb after years of changes and switches and ups and downs. Thats all I had to do. Cut some rice and bread and add some more vegetables and I’m good to go. Good ole mother earth provided me with all I needed and I didn’t need to look any further. So all those human made goods and even vegetarian concoctions was a lie to my body even though vegetarian. Just follow simple and plan. Yet i’m full, feel good, lots of energy and CUTTING THAT FAT. I’ve lost 8 solid pounds in just 2 weeks and its continuing to fall off.

And maybe I might have the courage to post some pictures. Hahaha.

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