F*$k This G#d D*#N S#!T

Hey everyone,

Well this was a big lesson in website management and protocol. I never thought this would happen and didn’t think about it. But my website went totally down and I lost everything. God thing for a 2 year old zip file transfer of my website and some google cache and website time machine. I was able to retrieve EVERYTHING but one post. I count my blessings.

So much hard work and time and logging on my life and goals. Gone. I wasn’t that devastated but more just Really….? Its on me to back up my own stuff and not the Hosting company. Never will be on them. You gotta pay up. So I have only to blame myself. There was an issue with the Database which needed upgraded and they lost everybody’s old shit.

Not going to sit and complain. Just lesson learned on management and got some good website IT knowledge to get it all back up and running. Keep moving, keep fighting, don’t be down. Nobody is going to feel sorry for me. Keep sharing my thoughts, keep working towards a better future for my family and animal friends. LETS GET BACK TO IT!

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