My cousin and his wife asked us to go to The Fairfax Kids Fair a couple weekends ago. We just got back from Orlando and thought it be nice to see my family again. My brothers family decided to join as well. Ever year there is the “Fairfax Fair” which draws quite a large crowd over a few days and large concerts and numerous vendors. So this is a nice sunny mini version of that big fair.

It was actually quite a beautiufl day and I was very happy to walk around. There were hundreds if not couple thousand children running around. Going on rides, eating food, laughing and petting animals. Click Click. My brain is churning, lets see what food is offered and the presence of animals at this fair.

I was surprised to see multiple vendors offer multiple veggie related entrees or items. It was actually quite advertised in big banners for people to see. It was good to know that food vendors are taking notice and know there is money to be made from this growing niche of customers. My brother founda food stand selling empanada’s and low and behold there was a vegetarian one. And it was actually fantastic and flavorful! I don’t miss out at any of the satisfaction from not eating any meat. Another big pointer was my brother has changed his mind and open to look for veggie options for me as well. Oh how times changed, I’m not joke anymore. My vegetarianism is here to stay for the people aorund me. Another stand focusing on asian dishes had it all in veggie versions. Yeah its easy. Noodles, soy sauce, and just remove the meat, its the same thing. If you want just meat, you would get a steak or burger. Its the noodles and added ingredients you are there for.

Now after food, there is always the animals. Kids fairs and animals are nearly intertwined and go hand and hand. I don’t think children are going to stopping by real estate or dentist booths. On the main stage, was a lady showing reptiles. I loved the information she presented on they were all rescue animals. None are bought or sold. Just all are saved and natured. Its a great lesson for children. She explained how lovely these reptiles were and what they do and we need to work to care ans ave them. Seeing all the children and parents listen so attentively was heartwarming to me. And of course the 30 min line waiting for the petting zoo. I mean who doesn’t like a petting zoo? Cute and furry animals you can hold and pet and play with.


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