I recently received an email from my mother to show support for the Wildlife Alliance in Cambodia. It was a press release by the organization to garner support by votes for funding from the European Outdoor Conservation Association. Attached was the 2017 Annual Report by Wildlife Alliance. It was rehashing the years highlights, challenges, successes and overall direction of the organization. It is quite typical report for any organization to put out there. I honestly put it off for a few days to read it. Its hard to bear to witness the images of animals in suffering. I know its there but I don’t want to know. Ignoring the pain and sights is the easiest thing to do. I mean its why people can go about their day for many sadness and tragedies. ITs just easier to not care, its easier to block out. I’m one of them. But I try to keep up the pain in my mind every so often to not forget. That even though an animal is 4000 miles away, it can still hit home.

Even though it was not in explicit detail about what happened. It was what I exactly thought: heartbreaking. To see facts and figures of animals rescued and carcasses found is a good thing, but to know its even going on was tragic. Animals being rescued in the thousands and released in high numbers. They have a wildlife rehabilitation center as well. Wildlife Alliance is an organization with a true caring heart. But it pains me to know that it nearly all comes down to money. Without money, nothing is possible. Life is hard, what money is there to give. How much money can be raised here in Cambodian communities for these efforts? What will it amount too? People have mortgages, school debt, children, to pay for. Can we get them to care about a reptile? We don’t even care for dogs or cats dying in the millions. Kids starving in Africa, children being blown up in Syria, gun violence in our schools, etc. And donating to save a reptile is more important than our humanity?

I know this is suppose to be a “LETS DO THIS” post and cheery. But I tell it straight. It hurts to know saving animals lives is governed by the almighty dollar. But if you have that dollar to donate and help. Please do. Please go vote for them to donation from the European Association. Because even has sad as it is, what little we each can do can add up to a lot. And thats what the point is, to stay positive and keep up the good fight. Because hope for change and a better world is worth it.

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