Crow Babies

Crow Babies

Well I was able save all but one story I had written for this blog. So here we go again!

My cousin had Snapchatted a nest of crow babies on his desk. I was very surprised how this happen. He actually was cutting down a very large tree in front of his house. The tree cutters had some compassion to save these birds from imminent death from falling down.

Of course being the animal lover that I am. I reached out to him about what happened, how did he happened, what did he plan on doing. He thought they were fine as he fed them food and water. Logically you think that would be ok. But typically that is not what you’re supposed to do. You have but 2 options. Which is to put in a tree nearby with hopes that the mother comes to rescue them. Or two bring to a animal rescue center. I had to urge him to contact the rescue center and let them know there was readily available organizations waiting to help in situations like these. He thought they would be alright and would fly soon. I’m like no way they are not ready to fly.

ERRRKKKK. Back track. This what happens when a post is deleted and I have to rewrite a month later. I freakin forgot details. I actually called my mom about it and asked if she remember the phone number of agency we used for the fox incident. ERKKK back track more. Quite a few years ago, my father saw an injured fox with his legs broken I believe. He went to go save the fox and held it for the night. He called a non emergency number and someone was able to come at 2am or some crazy time of night to pic up the fox. These animal advocates help to take in injured animals and rehabilitate. Thats where I got the idea to reach out again. My mother actually forgot who it was. But she informed my uncle to tell my cousin to find someone. My uncle didn’t know what to do either.

I was kind of frustrated at this point with so many people involved and my cousin was leaving for a work trip the next day! Who would take care of the precious crow babies. I had a slim slim chance thinking a mom would come save them. My cousin said he saw another crow not too far squawking quite a bit so who knows. I told that it could be a chance the parents would come back to save them. I said let me get back to you. I will reach out to the animal non profits and have them reach out to you. It was like 6-7pm at night, so I was a little pessimistic on finding someone. I called the county and some shelters in hope to reach someone. But all dead lines. I just prayed and hope for the best that Mother Nature would assist. My cousin did say after all the mother appeared to be there. I also found it funny that cousin knew I was a super animal lover and best to let me make the right decision. I just prayed the birds can last a day or two.

The next day. I got called 4 different times throughout the day. But no message. If anything important, typically leave a voicemail. I was on the train, in the bathroom or in a meeting during those times. SUCH BAD TIMING. I had to assume it was them, who else would be calling. I tried calling back and received nothing. I reached out to my cousin and let him know they must have been calling me. And ill try to give them your number.

He actually told me his sister reached out to a local animal hospital and they provided a number of someone. And that someone was a crow lady of some sort that came and got them! So a happy story in the end! Lots of people and coordination and efforts. Our fault to cut trees down, least we can do is help out when we can.

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