Craigslist: Buy and Sell……Animals Too?

Craigslist: Buy and Sell……Animals Too?

Craigslist has a very simple policy when it comes to buying and selling dogs. It says “Pet Sales” are prohibited but an adoption for small rehoming fee is allowed. It a simple policy along with all the other items listed on its website. But it needs to go deeper. People are easily and often casting there pets as adoption when its simply a sale.

I’m quite surprised on how many times a dog comes up in a free or farm/garden section. People just want to give away dogs and animals. I use to be quite angered by this that people would give it up so easily to anyone. I want them to try hard to keep the pet. I have even reached out to some to explain the dangers of giving your pets up on craigslist. But then you have to think, at least they are trying to find a home? In Washington D.C area craigslist, any dogs listed in “free” section are flagged by responsible craigslisters quite quickly. But then you have to think how many go unnoticed in all the other sections.

In the Pets area of the community section, there are hundreds of pets trying to be sold every day. Is it a venue for people to find new homes for their pets or a place for an underground business and profit market. People seem to be making a quick buck with pets. I hope craigslist can somehow find a way to flag these people more. It would take an online warrior to valiantly fight and search for all these ads which is impossible.

If you go to more rural areas, free dogs are all over the place. It might go to show how the spay and neuter tactic is promoted overall. These are where the dogs in vast numbers are reproducing and causing overpopulation issue in many rural areas. I just hope for people to try and do what they can to find a new home or keep these dogs. They need our love and care.

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