Congressman Connolly Hears the Call!!

Congressman Connolly Hears the Call!!

Surprised? Excited? Baffled? Impressed? Starstruck? All words that seem to hit me at once after I opened up the email. He actually replied!!!!! Yeah I know this is the 13 year old boy in me getting excited about the 8th grade civics lesson. Its as if I sent Santa a letter of gifts I want and that Nintendo 64 actually got left at my door step. Well guess what, Santa actually delivered.

I think most people are busy enough with their 9-5 jobs. People can rarely function or have free time outside of that. So imagine what a political figure like Congressman Connolly schedule probably entails. Probably no time to breathe. But in precious seconds of the day, upon how many constituents of the district badgering him about issues. He was able to fit time to read my letter and make a real response. Its not some letter you can skim through and what I probably would have wrote is “Thank you! Duly Noted!” .

Thats exactly the letter I was expecting to receive. Just a confirmation letter in generic form of “Oh we got your letter, will look into it”.

He actually read my letter and responded fully. He shows he cares and addressed my many concerns regarding animal welfare in the state; He stated that he….. well you can read below.

One thing I did not know about and did some more research on is the Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act. So basically they do not want to give antibiotics to healthy animals. its a huge concern health concern to the general public when it comes to safety of the population against bacteria and viruses. But this act as presented by Congressman Slaughter of New York hits two fronts, one an issues all people can seem to understand to protect themselves but also the well being of animals. Because if they are not able to give cheap antibiotics to the masses of animals to prevent death and sickness in deplorable conditions. They will be forced to better the conditions where animals are housed so they do not lose livestock and in turn lose profit. Because in the end, thats what its all about and drives decisions.


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