Confidence Builder

Confidence Builder

I have to say the more and more I talk about my vegan lifestyle I gain ever more confident. It’s like anything in life the more you do and practice.

Ill have to give all those thanks to my cousins. The enjoy talking to me about my lifestyle and how such a positive effect they can see in me. More energy and looking substantially healthier. My one cousin even explaining how my “glow” even is very apparent. (I have a glow!)

Along those discussions, comes the reality of challenges I may face or help then face in their one lives. What to eat, how to eat, facing hunger pains, wanting meat still, etc. But my point to them it’s not black or white at all. It’s most definitely gray in my eyes.

It’s a big change for the better and as long as you are getting better. Thats all that matters. Don’t get mad or disheartened you can’t go complete vegan. It’s on you want to eatit once in awhile. It’s a big shift in our hearts and minds and yes our stomach. As people like me want everyone to switch turn key on the dime. Life and people don’t work that way. We are striving as a whole to get better. Saving a few animals with a few meals is better than none. Keep progressing.

If I feel like a good brand ambassador for the cause. Learn to make good valid points, learn not to get emotional. Learn to help and be positive changing force. Not to be mad. Because what does being mad do, nothing. People don’t respond kindly to anger. None of us vegans would, so how can you expect others too. Get a few drinks in me and yeah it will get very emotional. Learning my own lessons here.

I love who I am and what I’m doing. There is no better cause to get others to join for.