Impossible Coincidence?

Just as I was making an Instagram post on Qdoba and a few days ago complained about Burger King employee’s answer on whether the Impossible Burger was going to come to the Annandale location. Low and behold. Front Page CNN. Burger King has announced that the Impossible Whopper will be served at all locations! WHAT AN AMAZING THING. I know us vegetarians and vegans are not the target persay as they state. But boy does it bring me joy.

Whatever the reason or cause, they do it because it financially is beneficially to them. And thats a fine reason to me. I don’t mind they make money if it brings more compassionate to the fast food arena. And we are taking baby steps. But this is a big step.

The other day I walked into a Qdoba and was elated to see the Impossible Meat was served there. Not only that but it was heavily advertised. Its still the same delicious bowl. You can’t taste the difference. Its amazing how fast times have changed and continue to change. You think you can make a difference and sometimes not. But with the all mighty dollar if people choose to do plant based. That is our power and change will come with it. I hope people begin to open their eyes and see the impact this is having. The animals will THANK YOU!

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