Climate Protests Around The World

Climate Protests Around The World

I have to give my many thanks, my kudos, my praise, my confidence, my amazement to those who have protested around the world on Climate Change. It struck home here in DC when streets were shut down disrupting traffic and made front page local news.

These individuals have true hearts and minds to bring such an important issue to light. This is not a political issue. It is not an my side vs your side issue. It is a human issue. This affects us all. I understand a change in our economy and society that lead to a greener and brighter future will have negative affects on some. But for the greater good of humanity I hope they can understand.

When water becomes scarce, people lose their homes to rising water levels, when lives are lost to more extreme natural disasters. No one is excluded from the wrath. It doesn’t see race, color, gender, nationality. The time is now to make a change and arguments need to stop.

I know I should have been out there with them. But life always gets in the way. A little disappointed in myself. But I try to make changes everyday at home with my family. A little goes a long way. I commend those who continue to fight.

For example, Greta Thunberg, who has made strides and brought global awareness to the issue. She has been criticized and mocked by a large number of people. Very surprising. It is not an easy issue and no one said a solution was going to be. But the fact we ignore it and squabble over other less important things make it even worse. You may not like her, but she is in fact fighting for you, your future and everyone you know. I think that is a completely selfless and honorable act.

If you watch her video. I understand it can be taken in a negative way. But then how do you expect her or anyone to bring such an important issue to attention. How do you expect her to feel? How do you expect someone who sees the truth where millions can die and suffer to be calm about it. What method would you have like to spread her message? To bring to the forefront such an issue, it takes courage, energy, guts and thick skin. Because if you don’t kick and scream, who will listen to you? So instead of chastising her, lets stand behind her.

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