Changing Minds, Changing Hearts

Changing Minds, Changing Hearts

I was watching the movie Suffragette the other week even though it came out over a year ago. I was always interested in the whole movement as a teenager and still left an imprint in my mind still today. I learned about it in class while In 8th or 9th grade. It was about women fighting for the right to vote. What struck me was how hard they fought for what they believed in at no matter the cost. They wanted to make an impact, they wanted to change views, they wanted to change how the world sees women. I wouldn’t call my sell a feminist but I would say equal rights is something we all can agree on. (maybe not)

It brings me back as watching the movie, I had a talk with my dad. I thought he was a suffragist. Haha, I did not think he was a girl or fighting for women’s rights. But what he was doing was fighting for the rights in Cambodia. He wanted to change the views and minds of others to have rights and demand for a better life. To me it was one it all the same. My dad was fixing something and just nodded his head in agreement. I was comparing back then and now, that there is always some injustice that needs to be fixed. My father was doing it for Cambodia and what he believed was right.

What continued to strike me and excited to see this movie was how odd it was for such a right. Not to say I ever condoned, but I can see from the outside how people can rally and be prejudice towards others of a different race or a class. What is odd about gender rights. These women were a boy’s mother, a husbands wife, a fathers daughter to someone. Did they not see the heart and desire for equality. It was so odd to see it as something mainstream. Women’s rights was an outlandish idea. A women has rights? How terrible. I can’t imagine telling my wife or mother that they are crazy to think that way.

It blends into ever fight or cause, that at one time it was not normal for the vast majority to agree or see why. Whether it be women’s rights, slaves, class, color, you name it. At one time, it was against the law, it was against the common thought. Nobody was for it, everybody thought it is odd or unbelievable. But then it took a some to bring up the issue, bring awareness and start to change others that this is right. Is not animal rights one of those issues? Right now it is odd to believe an animal should have a right or have people fight or them. Its not common to believe they can think or feel. Even though I believe they have it, mankind has not given them that right. I hope animals can have a fighting voice and that must be us. Trends are changing and I hope mankind can see it is wrong and there is a better way just like all those other causes we at one time found nonsense.

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