Change Through The Stomach

I wanted to share that I will be posting more vegan recipes or dishes I have through this page. I realize that though I have avenues like instagram and such. I’m not really appealing to all my available avenues.

Hopefully someone stumbles upon my page looking for a recipe that is vegan or vegetarian. They can make it for themselves or someone else. And with that, they can influence all those around them. And that’s where we need to make the change: Through The Stomach!!! I mean thats what its all for right? To eat meat. Let’s show how delicious other meals can be without meat. I’d like to share my tricks and tips. How I eat on the daily. Being a husband, father, provider, house fixer, all in one in a vegan diet.

People have questions how do you feel? Do you have more energy? Do you need protein? Does it even taste good? All things people wonder about. So starting now, I want to share all that.