Cash Money Is What Matters

Cash Money Is What Matters

Sitting here at 2am on a Friday Night. I’m thinking. I’m wondering. My mind is exploring any option to help the Cambodia. Help the environment and help the animals. What can I do? I use to have my billboard idea, that went to shit. I need to be a business there. Who am I in America? Nobody cares.

Wait one day. I think I’ll go to Cambodia. I’ll be on the ground. I’ll help the fighters on the front lines. Help protect the animals. Not going to happen. What other ways can I help from the outside? I’m in America, I got family, a life, a career. I’m not in Cambodia, what can I do thousands of miles away. For years and years, I crank my brain day in and day out on what I can do. ITs so limited. I always feel for the front line workers. Giving there careers, life, time to the such noble causes.

I just realized at the end of the day. Its only money that talks. Its only money that causes change. I decided to finally just bite the bullet. Stop thinking over and over and racking your brain. Just give that money. Thats what helps. My mother has vetted this organization in the past. The Wildlife Alliance in Cambodia. Most NGO’s can take your money or do minimal work. But we know every dollar goes to help the endangered animals. I can proudly give every dollar to them.

They have the connections, the resources, the man power, and on the ground in Cambodia to help the animals. And if the way I can help the most and the quickest is to give my money. Then so be it. I can give a little bit of what I have to make a big impact.

I started to think, why not build wooden furniture to sell and donate my proceeds? Its all the extra money I would typically make. So its not I need it and its for a good cause. Its on my time when I can build and sell. I called it “Build to Rescue”. Essentially every time I build something and make money of it, I and the buyer can help rescue an animal. A super win win win situation for everybody involved. I donated for the first time last month. I adopted A Slow Loris, say hello to “Pey”. I received a sponsorship kit about the animal to learn. I think its absolutely wonderful. I thank Wildlife Alliance for their tireless work.

I need to stop thinking too much and waiting. Make the change now. Which I did. Money is on the way my friends. I hope its enough to help.