Busy Bees

Its spring time! Which means lots of warm weather, some showers, green thumbs, and life abound. Its a great feeling to have and excitement for the upcoming season. My wife and I have been taking care of our gardening and landscaping this past week and everything is turning out so well. My son is thoroughly enjoying himself and running around. I’m so happy to see him playing, getting dirty, throwing sticks and taking in the widllife. He loves birds and watching them fly. They chirp high in the trees and he can’t stop looking for them.

This spring time launch and awakening by all life has also led to some unfortunate situations but GREAT CONCLUSIONS! I was out inside the yard cleaning my car when I heard my wife call for me. I asked her what did she want? She told me they were bees in the house. (Heres the key, no exclamation point at the end of that sentence). There was a time not too long ago where my wife and I might freak out a little bit or a lot when some big bees were in the house. Yes crazy bees with huge stingers that pierce your skin and cause a lot of pain. Ouch! But that is not our reaction no more. My wife very calmly told me where the bees were and that they were honey bees. She said, “Don’t hurt them, get them out”.

I was thinking to myself how the heck can I get I get some bees safely, transport them, and have them outside without harming them or myself. Any indication of danger and I’m a nice target. I quickly though, why not just vacuum them up and put them outside? That should work! They might get a huge headache for a second, but they will be safe outside. I saw them buzzing on the window trying to get out. They don’t want to be in our house as much as we don’t want them too. No sense in smashing them like before if I have a safe method that protects us all.

A big lesson in this is how my wife has come to realize and see these things. How important life is and what a big contribution environmentally that bees and especially honey bees provide. They are just trying to live like everything else. That our environment heavily relies on these guys to survive and thrive. Its not a simple smash and kill them all. Its not a “THERES A BUG! KILL IT!” reasoning for it all. And that’s a little outlook on how we have grown as people. That we can stop to think and assess and appreciate things. Not to be so quick and kill for the sake of it when its not needed. Life is preciious, I’ll say it again and again. Bee’s didn’t come on this earth to harm me as their sole mission. They were just flying around, searching and searching for an exit. They didn’t know what to do and looked so confused. I felt so bad for them.

I gently placed them outside of my front yard where they could be free again. Keep going my busy bees, the world needs you.