You always hear stories on the news or social media about a poor kid being bullied for one reason or another. Whether the victim is a different color, race, gender and endless other ridiculous reasons to bully someone. It is always sad to hear and wish it would stop. The unfortunate part it is does not stop and is a part of our world. Whether we are a child or an adult, there is always friction and discrimination to many encounters. People are prejudice and you have to deal with it.

I think the worst part of it all is now as a father. I want to protect my son from it but you never know when it could happen. You can control your world and have your son live in it. But the situations and parenting in other kids worlds are not the same. They could be abused, not taught the same values, not have the same love, be taught to discriminate. I mean who knows. I would have high hopes and belief that other children can be taught right. Whether they go to school, to a playground, to a mall, or a park, that everybody can be treated with respect and friendliness. Am I a dreamer? No. I understand these realities. Its just a sad fact that I need to fact these realities. And its not a lesson I particularly feel gleeful to teach my son. And if I didn’t teach him. He goes off into this happy go lucky world where nobody can harm him and everybody is a friend. Then an encounter at school which is not prepared for to stand up for himself and be proud. There are bullies out there who don’t really l know any better and will come after you for any reason. But you need to be strong and be confident in who you are as a person to deal with it or ignore it.

Anyways, all these thoughts pertain to a 14 year old boy named Dante in UK who was bullied for being vegan. Like are you serious? He actually got a concussion and they shoved meat down his throat to eat. That is a whole other level of fucked up ness. LIke of all reasons to pick on someone, that is why you do it. And not all that, the actions you take to bully are so far as to physically harm and break his soul down. Absolutely uncalled for. You got to ask what type of environment did these bullies grow up in? Who are their parents and why would they raise a child who could do such a thing? A big lesson would be if they are good parents, what are you going to do about it now? I’m inside quite outraged. Is this what society has come too. We are suppose to be improving as a people and making things better. Not further separating common morals and values to be love and kind to each other. One day it will be a place where everybody hates each other and survival of the fittest in a modern age. Is that what these bullies parents want?

I mean think about whatever reason a child or adult becomes vegan. Sometimes by choice or maybe not due to a health concern. But the fact is, the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle is anti-violence. The exact act of why we do what we do is because we do not condone the torment or violence. So in nature, we are not outright violent people. This sort of violence carried about by these individuals need to be punished by the parents or school board. There is a stance that needs to be taken so this is not accepted as typical behavior. I wish the best for Dante and he has my support for a compassionate lifestyle. He likely just loves animals. A choice I often thought about when bringing up my son food choices and now i have to think about others who want to bring up down just because he loves animals. SICKENING.

It proves ever more that Vegan-ism and Vegetaranism needs to be normalized. That its not same fad or crazy life style choice. Its just being me. Its just a life path that is better for myself, the animals and the world. We are not anymore different than anyone else who eats meat or comes from a certain race, color, or religion. I just choose to put broccoli in my mouth and you do an animals carcass. Outside of that its nothing different. You pick up at the grocery store and put it on a pan to cook. So do I. I find that I have to work harder to prove my life is normal which it is. That I can still be strong, healthy and happy with being vegan. Keep working out and breaking societies negatives views on my lifestyle.

FULL ARTICLE: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/8281733/vegan-attacked-school-bully-bacon-headbutted-punched/

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