I recently posted this Wikipedia article on my News section. My wife always seems to find interesting articles to share about animals. Thank you to her for always sending me these findings. Here it is again below.

You always got to ask yourself, “How do they do it?” You want to talk about my Pet Loyal project and being loyal. Animals like this embody the loyalty factor. How, Why, What, Where, and so many other questions. Does this dog just want shelter, does it want food? Does it really love its owner. People always like to talk about how animals are just objects, no feelings, no pain, no soul. Can you really say these animals are non sentient?

An animal that will travel through dangerous leaps and bounds to get back to their owner. Bobbie has met other families along the way, he could have received shelter and food and did from these bystanders. Why not stay with them? It would be inert primal instinct to just seek out immediate shelter and food from any source. Not continue to move into the unknown. But Bobbie continue to push his limits and travel mile upon mile. You have to sit and ask yourself, “There has to be something more to animals?” They have know something we don’t. There has to be more thought or feelings to what we perceive.

We think animals are so dumb. But we have countless examples of pets who not leave an owners grave. They go back to visit and stay day in and day out. During the 2004 Indian Earthquake and Tsunami, nearly all the animals were nowhere to be found. They all left for higher ground escaped. They know things we don’t, they aren’t that stupid or dull. And we have people still sunbathing on the beach or enjoying their meal on shore. I think we are the dumb ones at times.

Whats the point of this? I just want you to sit and think. I want you to have conversation with friends and family. If you can just take the time to be aware and learn. To take in new information. We can make the change for the better to learn that animals do have feelings, do have souls, do have hearts, do care, do love, just as we do.

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