Behind My Dear Layla

I have always been troubled by man’s relationship to nature. We love it and use it for all our needs but when it comes time for us to give back, we see animal and nature in hindsight. Our desires and greed often overcome what is best for the community as a whole.

All life is precious. Whether you’re an ant or a dog. There lies an intrinsic value to all and everything. There have been over six major extinctions since the beginning of time that we know of. Through those extinctions, over 90% of all species have been wiped out. The causes of these are natural and out of control by man. Any and all life have fought so hard to get here and survive. Even we as humans have gone through many obstacles in time to reach where we are today.

What is happening today, is that human’s have advanced and grown so much that we are able to gain some of that control of our surroundings and life. We no longer have to hunt for food and can farm many grains, vegetables, fruits to sustain our needs. We are at a time where our lives and our decisions affect all the life around us many of which are in detrimental ways. Deforestation, over fishing, factory farming, and pet over population are some of things we are doing to destroying life on earth. We no longer feel a responsibility to these lives and to care for it.

My Dear Layla is my sincere message not only to my dog Layla but all life that I am here to do something about it. If I could speak to her and talk about what damage we humans are doing to the animal world.  My Dear Layla does not know nor understand the severity of what is going on, but someone does know, I do, I know what is going on. I want to tell her how their are people working to stop all the careless killing and devastation to this world. I’m here to say to My Dear Layla, I am for one am not giving up.