Be Comfortable

I driving to work the other day and was listening to WMZQ on the radio. They were talking about adopting kids or friends trying to have kids. One of the radio hosts was talking about how she had a big announcement to make. I thought it was some spectacular news to bear. But it was the announcement that the radio host was no longer vegetarian. Sad..I know.

Basically, she became vegetarian for health reasons. Somewhere along the way she came to the conclusion to turn vegetarian to have better chance to get pregnant. A very good reason to change for the better and a wise one. You want to be the best condition you can to try and have children. Going through all this recently myself with my wife, I can surely understand.

But she has adopted children coming and no longer is trying to have kids. So she is turning back to eating meat. So be it. Her reasons are not the same as most others who change to be vegetarian. It was a life choice necessary to try and make life. And during the ordeal, she mentioned how it was so hard for her to be vegetarian. She considers herself 90% vegetarian and occasionally meat here and there. Totally fine.

But my point which is this, is that you dont have to be 100% or have that goal. You just do the best you can. There shouldn’t be an internal struggle or shame to eat meat if you wish. People will falter once in awhile. Nothing to be bad about. I will take someone is 90% vegetarian over someone who is not any day. And that is what needs to be learned. It is not an all or nothing ordeal. It is a big change. Be comfortable with your choices and who you are and what you are doing for. If this pressure wasn’t on her, she still might be 50% vegetarian which is better than none. But now we have someone who is back to fully eating meat. Which is fine, but I wish could turned out for the better.

It is something to talk about and I’m glad even though she turned back was able to share!

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