Back With A Vengeance

Thought I was gone huh? Well maybe I thought I was too. 2021 has got to be one of the most unfruitful years I’ve had all my life. Covid Year 2 has not been kind. Lots of heartache. But like many people in the hardest times, do persevere. Time passes, time heals. And you just move on.

I didn’t know when I would get back to it. But the time was now, the click, the light bulb, the engine has started. Lets get back to it! Time to do some good again. The animals that suffer don’t care to wait for me to heal. Back to Pet Loyal. My dream to make a difference. I was lucky to finally find some cracks of light in the darkness. There are some people breaking down the long tunnel to get to me. I just needed to wait.

We have 2 and possibly 2 more partnerships with Pet Loyal!!! Can you believe it. I printed my Pet Loyal brochures finally. I think they look great. More tags to be printed on the way. I’m out? I’m out of tags, can you believe it. Others are stepping in to share the news. 3 Million dogs and cats are euthanized each year. Can you believe it? Or you can believe it but just choose to ignore it. I think there are 100s of issues and I never blame people for supporting and their efforts. You do what you can.

But I teamed up with some pretty good rescues who answered the call. They are happy to work, share, communicate all the aspects of Pet Loyal. I continue to dream big and not let the pets down. Something inner always keeps pushing me. If it is a little flame, its still hot and can start grow bigger. ANd here I am again, with a fruitful energy heading into 2022. Lets shine baby!