My wife has been telling me about this vegetarian restaurant, Thanh Van, in Eden Center for quite sometime. Maybe even a year or two? She always has a keen eye on the lookout for any vegetarian options for me to eat. New places seem to pop up all the time and hopefully one of them is a gem for her vegetarian husband. I thought its my birthday week. Lets try it out. I looked it up on Yelp and there were quite a few reviews on this place which were highly positive. I had so much anticipation when going. There are a lot of very authentic and delicious restaurants in Eden. I was praying inside it wouldn’t disappoint me or my wife.

It is one of the small mom and pop shops on the inside hallways of Eden Center ( I think the west side). There are a couple others inside this corridor or maze that we have frequented as well. They are a little dirtier, a little grungier, than front facing restaurants. But aren’t these the type of places you find the best foods often? The hole in the wall. Thanh Van had vegetables on the outside of the store for very cheap prices. Its exactly what my wife and I imagined

I noticed the Buddhist posters adorning the wall next to us. I was happy to see the teachings on the wall and showing the basis of it all. That in Buddhism it is all a cycle of life, death, and rebirth. We are all connected in one way or another in this vicious cycle. And in these teachings come the compassion to make meals that are with compassion in mind. The waiter aka owner who was serving us was an elder man who couldn’t speak much english. But all you gotta do is point at the menu. Food is a universal language haha. He was extremely friendly and made us feel welcome .He was particularly cheerful when entertaining Henry during his stay. Henry doesn’t have much opinion about this place. He’s too caught up in his Baby Bus videos.

We took a look at the menu and its a good menu size. Offering all the Viet favorite dishes. My wife loves the fish flavored broth while I opted for a more hardy rice and tofu patty meal. I have to say, expectations and the hype of the reviews were met!!!! The soup was super flavorful and tasty. It resulted to about 90-95% of the original dish flavor. Its an A in our book. I really like to see what restaurants do for protein options. Its what often you seek to get full or hardy texture. It was excellent as well. The portions are very generous. You get some good rice, lettuce and pickled carrots and radish on the side. All the makings of a traditional Vietnamese meal you would get at nearby places. But the best part its cruelty freeeeeee! I can’t imagine what else to say about its flavors but it tastes like the original meat flavored thing. If it tastes the same, whats the point to eat the cruel originating one? I plan to come back again and again. I hope you all can come as well.


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