I always enjoy coming upon moments in everyday life to share. This one is not one of the positive ones I would like to share. But its a story nonetheless that everyday people will encounter and hopefully can bring some new perspective. I’m sadly a little disappointed in myself in not finding the time to find a better solution.

I was out landscaping with my wife preparing for my son’s July 4th Birthday party. Yes he’s born on the 5th. But its better to celebrate with fireworks in the sky! I always say, the fireworks scared my son out. (Yes the birthday party turned out to be a blast!) But back to the main story, I was out in the front yard with my wife. She was raking up some loose grass from driveway and I’m putting mulch on our flower beds. In an instant, a pack of wasps swarm up. In an instinct, I tell you, they were flying all around us. I was terrified and my instincts came in.

I yelled at my wife to RUN!!!!!! LETS GO!!!! My first thought was to get my wife to safety. In that thought, a wasp smacked me in the side of the head and stung my ear. Holy shit did that fuckin hurt. I still continued to yell at my wife to run and we ran to the back yard. We peered back from the side of the house and saw wasps flying all around our front yard. My wife analyzed the situation and saw that they were building a nest in a little cove in our bird bath handle. I just wanted us to be safe whew.



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