There is more sociological and psychological studies on what we do what we do. Why we choose to do things versus another. What makes one thing OK but another thing not. But I’ve never got into a real discussion with someone about what animals are ok to eat and others not. Its easy to discuss that animals in general are ok to eat or not eat.

Animals were put on this place for us to control and do what we wish. We need to eat, it is for survival, there is no other choice or explanation. That is an easier argument to have. But then it comes to situations where people are fighting what other people eat. Are not all animals fair play to eat using the same arguments? How does one choose? And how is it not OK with a definite answer. Every culture is different with its history and surroundings. It all taste good doesn’t it. So what do you care?

I’m talking about the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and dolphin eating in Japan. It sounds rather hypocritical to me for one to complain about what they do. Whats the difference when you slaughter millions of cows and chickens as a society. At least they do it once a year? Because you grew up with one animal its not OK. I really want to see how they can explain how how us westerners can eat cows and chickens and stop them from eating dog. Its inhumane, its disgusting, its not right, they are smart creatures, they are our friends….oh wait are you talking about what you’re doin? Not the Chinese right? Because you’re not different.

Its an animal that they have domain over. They NEED to eat to survive. Is it not right. Please inhumanely kill a chicken and not a dog. What if they grew up with cows and chickens and didn’t want you to eat it, would you stop? My uncle in law and even in ancient Cambodia I read did not eat cows because they helped so much in their daily lives. They helped pull carts and help till the land for agriculture. So now the cow who is smart and friendly is something not to be eaten. If they lobbied you to stop eating, would you do it? I think I’ve touched on this subject a couple times before. In the end, its eat all animals or eat none. Stop being a hypocrite.

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