y laziness turned out to be the demise of dozens of ants. I’m pretty mad at myself and disappointed. It was preventable and an easily solution. But in the end, I didn’t do it, I didn’t resolve it quickly. So guess what its my fault.

What am I talking about here? My kitchen grout was creating small holes that allowed ants to get in and I didn’t seal it. And because I didn’t seal it. More ants came in. If I just sealed it correctly and right away, I could have stopped them from coming in and they could have gone about their day.

I noticed one coming in and going around for food. Oh well its just a random ant that could have came in, in who knows what method or opening in the house. Don’t worry about it. Then the next day was 5 to 10 coming in and out. They found a very viable and plentiful food source around the kitchen sink. Don’t clean it perfectly, well its a buffet for them. My wife noticed and said KILL THEM ALL. GET RID OF THEM NOW. I didn’t listen and tried to do the right thing. I actually scooped up every single ant in my hand or piece of paper and put them outside. I didn’t really see the entryway for them. Thinking I can clear them all out, then I’ll diligently clean the kitchen and wipe 10x the sink. No food means no trail and no ants. Boy was I wrong.

They next few days they were coming with a fury. 10 ants soon ballooned to 50 or 100. I founds the darn source. There was cracks in my backsplash grout that were forming. There were about 3-4 openings a quarter the size of my pinkies fingernail. But that’s massive hole and invitation if they are found by ants in our walls. Stupid me. My construction work was not good. But its been 2 years now. I actually just tried to super cllean again and again hoping the ants would not come back. That they get the darn point t his isn’t the place to get food. I tried to get as many as I could out again and leave it be.

Then enough days have past and enough time to know they aren’t going to go away. The regret is knowning as soon as I found the entryway. I could have got some grout, mix it in couple minutes and patch up the holes. No entryway, no ants. I could have saved their life. But as we get in life, a lesson is learned, to not be lazy and take care of things. Not a few days but now, especially if its about life.

When there was about 50 ants crawling around and I had time to fix the back splash holes. I just did the deed and got a towel and wiped and likely killed all 50 ants roaming the kitchen counters. I had to come to a realization that by doing it now I could prevent more deaths. I then began my patch work. No holes, no ants. Simple as that. People can think they are just ants. But when you sit and look. There is so much determination, grit, creativity, exploration, and hope for these little ones. To find food to feed the colony. They are the definition of SELF LESS. And because they were trying to help there family, they died at my hands. Now that is some sorry, lame excuse shit. I couldn’t patch some grout in 10 mins and they died because of it. What a dumb reason. Don’t do it again. Don’t be the reason for death.

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