Animals Rights March

I wanted to share a video by fellow Instagram friend bellepericho. She attended the Animals Right March in New York City 9/2/17. I think its important to show how there are thousands of people who have the same mind and heart to fight for animals. We are not alone. There is a movement coming. Society just hasn’t been ready for it yet. These people have the courage to fight for what they believe and make a change in the world. Animals are our friends not our dinner. The main point being now, we have a choice. The fate of animals are in our hands and our choice can determine the outcome. How we treat them for food or our pets is fated by us, it is no longer a need. It warms my heart to see how strong and compassionate more and more people are becoming. Just sit think about it people, have a talk, it will come to you.


**Copyright bellepericho 2017**

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