There are many factors that can cause someone to go vegan or vegetarian. Whether it be for the environment, moral, health, media or even just simple distaste for meat. The one reason that a person of any background or belief will not ignore is there health. It probably has the biggest influence over all or any other factor or reason. Who wants to die earlier? Who wants to get a stroke, a heart attack, or get diabetes and lose a foot or eye. When it comes to health and your well being, oh you bet you will change fast.

Of all reasons, health is probably the least reason why I changed. I was already fit and healthy in general. My love for animals is the strongest and biggest reason. How can you eat them if you love them? But recently at my mothers birthday celebration, there was a discussion that came up with my mother. She said that her doctor prescribed her to go on a vegetarian diet. Her health needed some better care. The doctor didn’t say, stop eating carbs, eat less, don’t drink,etc or any of the other 100 diets or lifestyle changes you can make to get healthier. The doctor told my mother only one thing. Go vegetarian. Plain and simple.

I can’t help but laugh on the inside. All this talk of me being vegetarian and don’t worry about it and eat meat. Now the DOCTOR is telling you to live my lifestyle. For your overall well being that you need to make this change. How funny in the end that you are told to make a change not by your choice. Listen to the doctor. Eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away, no its 2018, so eat vegetarian to keep the doctor away. Anddddd thats not even the last of it, our neighbor and family friend of over 30 years was also told to eat a vegan diet to improve her health. What another hilarious bombshell. Another doctor with the same diet prescription, vegan! Vegan heals all. hahahha. I can see animals looking back and saying you shouldn’t have eaten me if you wanted to be healthier? Big backfire isn’t it.

I took the chance to make my stance to step up and make influence. I think that I feel more comfortable and confident talking about. Its easy to talk about when you know its RIGHT. On all levels and reasons, not eating meat is better for us, our family, our friends and the earth. So why not make the change? I discussed how it was a very positive experience for me and I felt much better. That changing to this vegetarian/vegan lifestlye will help you be healthier. I’m not shoving my rhetoric down their throats but as a family friend and son to these two people in my lifes. You can take a real and honest discussion on how it helped me. And that this change is for the better. I’m just a constant slight nudge into the better direction for animals. I’m sorry my animal friends, but I’m trying.

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