I see and find certain things being a father nowadays. One that stands out clearly is our relationship to our animal friends. From birth, all the newborn books, pictures frames, room decorations, stuffed animals ( I MEAN ANIMALS, GET IT?) have to do with well….animals. The books are either about a dog in an adventure or identifying zoo animals. All the 100 stuff animals in my son’s room are variations cute cuddly little bears. Funny isn’t It?  From birth, you learn to think animals are cute little things that our friends. But it stops right there doesn’t it.

From that point on when you grow up, you aren’t taught much else in regards to these animal friends. You grow up eating meat without associating it where it came from or how it got to your plate. You wear some shoes or belt that a cow was killed for its skin to made into leather. Many people in America have deep culture of hunting. Its a family past time to kill some animals. So you’re engrained to think its OK to have these animals as your friend but all dispose, use, destroy, abuse as you wise as well. Isn’t that very conflicting? I think if people stop to think about it, it is a little illogical and absurd. I want to teach my son early on that animals are our friends and always will be. They deserve to live and want to live just like the rest of us. They are afraid of death like every human being. No animal that we use was to be killed or tortured for stupid reasons.

I lived in Annandale, Virginia nearly all my life and remember watching birds nest on bird houses and squirrels running around the yard and learn to enjoy these things early on. It starts by teaching each following generation the correct meaning of our relationship to all life and every kind of different life there is. So lets start learning ourselves as well. . Times are changing folks. I keep saying it. Don’t be late for this ship as sailed. A ship for new morality and righteousness. You learn to love animals from birth and to death. We are all one and the same.


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