Always “Think Adoption First”

Always “Think Adoption First”

I made a post earlier this year about seeing “Think Adoption First” poster on a local Petco in Falls Church. It made me very happy and smile inside to know a big business like Petco would raise such awareness. But then I was on my way to Safeway the other day and passed by the Petco in Annandale. I didn’t notice the sign…. Odd. Why would such a noble and great campaign not be made aware at all of its stores? I thought to email Petco and let them know.

I was able to be in a chat with someone from Petco online and they were actually very helpful. They were more than willing to help with my request and note down the situation. I understand things can take time and things like this even though simple can not have action taken immediately. So we’ll see what goes on from here. They noticed the locations and have sent it to upper management.

Its been 3 days since then and I have done some follow up. They are looking to it and have requested for the picture to sent to them. I really hope this is getting somewhere. Just take small steps that can lead to bigger actions. Maybe in the futre they might want my pamphlet idea to do even more awareness. One step at a time, just need to keep remembering that. I just need to find ways and communicate better. I dont want to be that guy who keeps calling and calling and gets nowhere. There is an endless network of people and to get to the right person to explain urgent matters is tough. Why should a receptionist care? They just need to get paid and go on their day and have a nice family dinner. Is my cause worthy to them? It seems so far Petco is taking this seriously. Lets pray.

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