A Whole New World

A Whole New World

Exciting news everyone. My future heir has arrived! My wonderful boy Henry has come to this world. My wife is a SUPER FREAKIN TROOPER for everything! You want to talk about pain, talk about suffering, talk about will, talk about fight. She did it all and overcome it. She pulled through so wonderfully and I’m so proud of her! I couldn’t be more happy with everything. I hope to support her in every way possible and take as much responsibility as I can. When you push another human out of you, you need to be treated well. Any person that says child labor is not tough or being a mother is not that hard, I just don’t believe it after this past week.

And that brings me to another thing. How vegan/vegetarian should a child be? My wife and I separately watched “What The Health” while we were in the hospital. It raises questions and concerns my wife and I already discussed. How good is dairy for you? Is it even meant for us? What is behind it? Everything you read and hear is to give milk and protein to a baby. Now its how much do they actually need and even more pressing is it even good for them? I’m glad the documentary was presented in a way to give facts to the viewer. Some vegan and animal loving agenda was not pressed. That would make some big backlash. Give people the truth and let them decide on their own. Hopefully they can see there is much more to the picture than meets the eye.

But now its my turn, is it possible for my child to be vegan? My wife and I for sure want to cut out cows milk, we don’t think its necessary. Other diary products as well we want to cut out. But how much do we know, how much research is out there? How many kids are vegan these days and what are the positives are negatives. As much as I love animals, is my own childs health worth the risk?

We are breaking hundreds of years of tradition and culture when it comes to meals and feeding. No meat, no diary, its a new concept. Even in Europe, I heard cases where parents are thrown in jail when they try to make a vegan lifestyle for their child. Is it that bad? It makes me think about the world I want to bring my child in. What values should he have? What view of the animal world should he have. Do I impress this on him or do the standard and let him decide on his own? I want a better and brighter future for him. I want a world where all life is valued and a healthier world. We got to break the mold and I think its starting. I’m happy documentaries like this are being done, it all starts with education.

We need to take it a step further by guiding more after people have learned these facts and come to a realization. So yes meat and dairy is bad. So what now. I literally thought about. A typical meal for a typical american. Milk is bad for you, eggs are bad, bread is typically white and is bad, bacon is bad, even cheese is bad, yogurt is not even that beneficial, So what are you suppose to eat now? The vegetarian and vegan community are doing a great job in sharing how to change. I hope the public can make the energy and effort to make the changes necessary even if difficult.

Its 2am, I want to be normal and not stop the momentum. Even with my baby here, I need to continue to work hard. The movement can’t not take a break. Everyday counts and the animals need our help.

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