On a quiet Sunday morning, my wife and I are just doing our daily routine of making taiwanese pancakes, feeding our son, and cleaning up the house. Quiet uneventful. We noticed some folks walk in front of our house on the street and stop to look at something. Shortly after, an animal control police van rolled up. Then two more cop cars soon appeared. My wife and I couldn’t really tell how worried we should be. Seeing cops induce some initial fear and concern, but then one big animal control van?

My initial thoughts were this be new coyote sightings in the area. Its already happened twice in the past year where a dog was killed by coyotes. I thought there must be some roaming around and causing more trouble. My wife always anxious to know whats going on actually walked up to talk to the police. She ran back inside and told me there was a deer stuck on the fence at the neighbors across the street. I was like what you mean stuck? I got some binoculars and looked across the street. I saw the deer had attempted to hope the fence and got stuck in the most horrible and vicious way. This was a metal spiked fence. The deer didn’t make it and got its hind legg impaled by the fence. It was a horrific sight.

The deer was doing everything in its power to get itself loose. And with their immense power did even more damage.  The leg was completely broken/ruined/ripped apart whatever you may describe such a scene. My wife and I felt absolutely terrible and wished there was something we could do. My wife thought there could be something we could do to get it loose and free. But the cops told her they were going to put it down and watch out for the loud gun shot. I always one to try everything to save an animal before a last resort. I already knew there was nothing that could be done. The leg and ligaments and torso were so gone there was no return. Not to mention the risk of harming the people to release the animal. But what needs to be done has to be done.

In my new view and look on life since becoming vegetarian. The crossing between life and death is a thin one. Its a blink, its a fine line. Its not measurable. 1 sec, everything can change. And at this point in time, this unknown medium of death was about to set upon this poor deer. All because it choose the wrong house to cross. One mistake and its life is done. How freaking sad is that. Whether this deer had a family or a child who knows. And they won’t know what happened. The next day I walked up to the deer to take a look closer. They must have shot it through the heart. There was no incidents of gun shots to its head where I would suspect to put an animal down. it was just so still and lifeless. I just couldn’t help but stare. But then know life moves on and keep moving.

It really just continues to hit home how precious life can be. And these constant reminders show how unpredictable it can be. It makes me enjoy everything more. I always want to be with my family and friends and do happy things. I don’t waste my time not doing something positive or dwell. But the key is to take this new look in all aspects of life, not just when tragedy strikes. Because you don’t really learn anything if you only see the view when something bad happening. It means you would be ignoring the lesson.



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