A small fight I like to share or maybe its just me fighting against the world. Is when in large group settings, I find myself isolated and alone at times. But alone in a place that gives me courage to stand strong. As I continue to more proud and happy of who I am. I don’t feel I need to hide my views and beliefs. Is it really wrong to love animals? Is it really wrong or fearful to love animals so much I want to break thousands of years of tradition to not eat meat.

Thanksgiving. The few times a year on our calendar that we join as families to devour everything in our path. Its in these times, where my message can stand strongest. I will not eat meat. The #1 item on the menu and for everybody to feast upon. I will not participate. And in these days. Its not weird anymore. There are so many dishes available with no meat or meat products, I can enjoy it all the same.

Its a time and place where we can gather to be with family and friends and be happy. Not participating in the meat eating, doesn’t take away from that. Removing death from the Thanksgiving equation only makes it happier. I’m glad and proud of myself to feel more comfortable. I have nothing to be ashamed of. The best thing about hosting a Thanksgiving at your home. You provide most the food. And well most the food will be vegan. Suck it up or host yourself.

I’m sorry this post is a little late. But I pray, close my eyes, and express my deep sorrow for all those animals who died for our holiday. All of us will continue to fight and be strong.

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