A Greener Disney

A Greener Disney

The magical world of Disney. Yes it is. Oh yes yes yes it is. Its everything I dreamed of and more this time around. Now I sound spoiled, we already went last year and took Henry. But it was much more relaxing this time around. Less people, perfect weather, hes old enough to know what’s going on. We didn’t go to crazy.

Henry loved so many rides, pure joy and happiness. I’m so proud of him. The employees of Disney World really make the magic. They are so kind and go out of their way to make it a wonderful experience. All the Disneg characters were wonderful in playing with kids and making them happy. Henry my recognized his favorite Toy Story characters and was so delighted to see them.

But the real winner of it all, mother earth and the animals. I was so happy to see every single restaurant location in all of th Disney parks have vegan options. I mean that’s a bold statement from the millions of people who visit each year. To visit any restaurant and know that fries and a salad aren’t your only option! HAHA!

And the food is good, it isn’t some throw together rat tag filler food. It’s going to taste good and you will leave happy. I got the vegan dog like last time because it’s so delicious. But also another vegan burger at the Hollywood studios park.

Another thing to point out was environmental efforts I see around the place. One most notably on its shuttle buses about cleaner fuel. We all need to chip in make a difference. And if these little differences can lead to bigger efforts and awareness. I will have to give super big Kudos to Disney World in understanding the changing culture and thinking forward. Keep up the momentum. You made this customer’s family extremely happy.

By the way, go check out the Star Wars ride! It’s the best in the world! And never doing Haunted Drop Zone again. As you can tell from pictures…..