The other week I was out with my family, my brothers family and my cousin with his wife in Georgetown. Its not too far from Annandale. We wanted to get a nice little brunch buffet before my cousin and his wife had their baby. We love to hang out and eat and well after their son comes, its see you in three months. So it was a great time to get together. Why not spend it with a nice brunch buffet at Sequoia at the Georgetown water front. We had lots of drinks and stuff to eat. Service was superb and food was fantastic. I couldn’t complain about anything really. I was very impressed. Not this isn’t a yelp review. Lets get back on track.

We decided to take a stroll along the water front afterwards.  Enjoy the semi warm weather and river. As well as walk off some of the calories we just engorged. While walking along the water front. A bug landed on my brothers shoulder. He grabbed it and was about to crush it. The old me wouldn’t bat an eye. The old me would say do it, its a disgusting bug! But with my mindset changed, I told my brother don’t kill it just let it go. Why, its a life. It wants to live. It didn’t want to die. It made the mistake of getting blown in the wind and landing on a persons shoulder. And for that, the bug should die a horrific death? All its worked for to survive in this world and boom its gone. Vanished. Because of a unexplainable, random chance to land on the shoulder at the wrong time to the wrong person on the wrong moment. It just doesn’t add up to me. It seems careless, meaningless, and illogical to end a life for those reasons.

My brother let it go. Maybe I seem dumb to my family for not wanting to a kill a bug. But I’m glad I stood up. Even for a bug. It can change a view and make people think a little bit longer even for a second that it not might be right. Its a seed for change to stand in the way of a persons normal thinking to kill a insignificant bug.

By fate you would have it, another bug landed on my son’s face this time. It landed smack dab right in his check a few minutes later after my brothers incident. What would I do and how would I react? its my son. In the end, the bug was harmless and provided no risk to my son. And for that case. There is not reason for me to kill it either. I would do anything for my son and not let any harm come to him. So in this case, a death is not warranted. I slowly and gently grabbed then bug of my son’s face and just let it go into the wind. Some in my family laughed I would do that. But so what. I’m glad I show them an action and back it up. I’m not joking around, I’m not being dumb. I want to stand for change. And in these little moments, thats where you stand firm.

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