5 Year Vegetarian Anniversary.

5 Year Vegetarian Anniversary.

A very wonderful milestone in my life. 5 wonderful happy, healthy, and cruelty free way of living as a vegetarian. There has been a number of ups an downs throughout this time. Some Im not proud of. But I’ve only grown more confident and proud of who I am and what I’m fighting for. All other aspects of my life I never shy away.

But for some reason my plant based, cruelty free lifestyle has made me shy in the past. Not always wanting to be seen. These days it can be more of a badge of honor. Something to be respected. I’ve always have loved and cared for animals. And even though I have not been able to make a career out of it. At least, I can fight in my own way on a daily basis. I can influence society with my money and decisions.

Everybody has causes they believe in and fight for. This is my most important one. I’ve read articles on famous vegans and vegetarians of human history. They date back to Greek times. Its a sobering thought that my wishes and goals for a world free of pain and suffering of animals has been going on for so long. These historical figures wanting the same freedom and safety of animals since societies began. Yet today we have only made the real push to achieve those ambitions with social media and plant based eating achievements. I hate to think in their shoes there is no progress and ending in sight.

As I am sitting here being one of so few who share such lifestyles. I would have no effect on the world or people around me. They have the best moral and logical arguments for not eating meat, but are disregarded entirely.

I always continue to be amazed at how far we come. I feel the energy and excitement about what I am doing for the vegan cause. I’m not alone and there are thousands of others connected and making efforts every single day. Such momentum allows for my own mental sanity to push away any negativity. I keep thanking the animals and to all the them let then know im still fighting. I won’t give up on you!!!!