4 Amazing Years and More TO Save

4 Amazing Years and More TO Save

I always like to commemorate the month I went Vegetarian/Vegan. Its a been a wonderful and successful journey. Lot of learning, internal happiness, raising awareness, family and friend battles. But its all worth it.

It all began with one documentary named Cowspiracy that my wife saw trending on social media. And that was the spark to flip the switch on my life. What means a lot to me, my morals, what I see in the world and for the future are all encompassed by this diet, this lifestyle, this movement. Or better yet, all what I choose to put in front of me on my plate. One simple action can mean so much more. An action that forms a massive conglomerate of reform who also are making compassionate, animal loving, environmental friendly, anti-suffering choices in their lives.

It is a special time like any other important milestone in my life. I hope that others continue on this journey. We are all in it together. I think one day, people are going to look back and find that people in the past eating meat was crazy. Animals are our friends, not food.

My impact in numbers. In the real. See it for yourself. Try it on the https://vegancalculator.com/

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