Its been 3 years or I like to say 1095 days living a Vegetarian lifestyle! 1095 days seems like much more of an accomplishment or triumphant to say haha. I can’t believe its been this long and I’m happy to continue it every single day. I think its quite firm to say I will never be going back. My everyday lifestyle is completely vegetarian. Every meal I will not eat something that includes meat. When you have three or four meals a day in my case, that’s a lot of meals to plan for and deal. I’m continuing to expand my culinary resume to cook all sort of delicious and cruelty friendly meals.

Each year brings more experiences and situations that have impact and changed my life. I would like to still dedicated my change to Cowspiracy and Kip Andersen. Even though I’ve always understood the cruelty to animals along with the impact to my health and environment, I still eat meat for so long. I can’t gain back those missed years. But I can continue to be better and stay on course with my new and happier lifestyle choice. I sometimes wish I made the change earlier but what can you do. I sat and thought nearly every hour of the day of a few weeks to make this change. And thats what it all came down too. If people just actually sit and thought about it all. It just made so much sense to me at the time. Its hittig on so many check marks on my life, morality and goals that I had to make the change. I wish everybody could just sit and think for a second what they are doing. Its just so easy to ignore. But we don’t to ignore it any longer.


  • I continue everyday to learn new dishes to make at home for my wife and I that are vegan and cruelty free.
  • Spending more of my money on vegan food products at MOM’s organic market. More money for them means more production and marketing and driving down costs for these companies. More money they have means more impact they can make.
  • I’ve gotten more comfortable flat out saying no and sticking to my guns on not eating meat with friends. They do respect my decision
  • I’ve witnessed a cultural change in society about vegetarian and vegan friendly. Awareness is at an all time high and continues to grow. I’m proud to be a part of this changing movement. We love animals, so why do you eat them? My wife has even noticed it is starting to be everywhere. And that’s where true shifts and changes in society happens when its mainstream. And when its mainstream its normal. Its not some hippy choice. Its real simple,we just don’t want to kill. You can understand that can’t you. And even if slow, we are getting there. And there thousands of people fighting real hard to make it happen faster.


  • I can’t seem to stand my ground with family and in laws in not eating meat. I turn off the switch and eat meat anyway. I’m so deeply rooted in Asian culture to give thanks and appreciate when a meal is cooked and given to you. I can’t find it in my heart to make them cook another vegetarian friendly dish or say I won’t eat anything at all. It would lead to bigger arguments and in my busy life, I don’t have the energy for the fights and lead to bigger family problems. I still eat minimal meat.
    • Why do I include this? I would love to say im’ 100% vegetarian or vegan. I would love to never eat it and be proud. But I have to be real. This is life. Not everything is perfect. But I try to eat as little as possible. Make them think I eat it. Or if there a vegetable heavy dish, I go after that. There are challenges and you need to overcome them. I’m vegetarian 99% of the time, its still good. I shouldn’t hate myself for 1%. So I hope any readers don’t hate themself or quit because of situations like this. Keep at it! One meal, one life is worth it!

To end it all. I’m super happy. It literally makes me happy every meal what I’m doing. It makes me so happy to take my family to a vegetarian or vegan restaurant. We just made a change or saved an animal with that meal decision. The money they get helps grow there compassionate business or leads to more compassionate decision making. Thank you for anyone reading and I hope this helps. We can make a difference. I know it.

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