Back With A Vengeance

Thought I was gone huh? Well maybe I thought I was too. 2021 has got to be one of the most unfruitful years I’ve had all my life. Covid Year 2 has not been kind. Lots of heartache. But like many people in the hardest times, do persevere. Time passes, time heals. And you just move on.

I didn’t know when I would get back to it. But the time was now, the click, the light bulb, the engine has started. Lets get back to it! Time to do some good again. The animals that suffer don’t care to wait for me to heal. Back to Pet Loyal. My dream to make a difference. I was lucky to finally find some cracks of light in the darkness. There are some people breaking down the long tunnel to get to me. I just needed to wait.

We have 2 and possibly 2 more partnerships with Pet Loyal!!! Can you believe it. I printed my Pet Loyal brochures finally. I think they look great. More tags to be printed on the way. I’m out? I’m out of tags, can you believe it. Others are stepping in to share the news. 3 Million dogs and cats are euthanized each year. Can you believe it? Or you can believe it but just choose to ignore it. I think there are 100s of issues and I never blame people for supporting and their efforts. You do what you can.

But I teamed up with some pretty good rescues who answered the call. They are happy to work, share, communicate all the aspects of Pet Loyal. I continue to dream big and not let the pets down. Something inner always keeps pushing me. If it is a little flame, its still hot and can start grow bigger. ANd here I am again, with a fruitful energy heading into 2022. Lets shine baby!

Touching A Father’s Heart

A extraordinarily thing happened the other day. Lots of teaching and pointing out things with my son about animals and life. He loves animals. A huge understatement. He has learned so many different animals in both Chinese and English.

He has amazed my wife and I about what he remembers sometimes. All the books he ever wants me to read has to include dinosaurs or farm animals. And going about a post I made not too long ago about visiting a far. Learning to appreciate these gentle souls.

My wife was pointing how a baby chicken came from an egg. It was nothing in particular from what we show or tell him. Something he often sees on TV or YouTube. We didn’t think anything of it and why should we.

The next day my wife asked my me to cook an egg for him to eat. When I brought out the egg to cook my son pointed to it and said not to eat it. He kept going “baby chicken” and pointing to the egg. Followed up by “baby owwwww”. He did not want to harm the baby chicken

Now some may write this off as a cute moment. But it nearly made me cry in the compassion my son had. He is only 3 and a half years old. Doesn’t know the entirety of what life is, where it came from, or what happens afterwards. But in his world and which others should learn from. The fact he knows he eats thag egg, it will have in turn inflicted pain on the baby chicken. It is a monumental point that it happened.

It shows how at the littlest of people and simplest understanding of life. That to cause pain to another animal is not good. And others might say yes that is true. But we do it everyday. People eating meat do inflict pain every bite.

My sweet boy can understand. And that’s what might be missing. That most people don’t see the pain inflicted anymore. The death and despair. Since its blocked and not shown on the product label. It comes in plastic package at a store not resembling anything of a life. Its easy to not think about it. The guts and blood resulting for our appetite for meat. Lets remember the truth. Pain and suffering is there. You just don’t want to see it. Learn from a child. Its not good. Simple as that.

Pay It Forward To The Animals

I wanted to take a moment to talk about something wonderful that happened this week. my wife and I were selling a piece of furniture. This lady did not remember she negotiated for a lower price. I did not relay the new price to my wife and she paid the original amount mistakenly.

Of course, the first on my mind was Mercy For Animals or Wildlife Alliance. My wife agreed and we sent the extra money right away. Wildlife Alliance won out since it seems much more difficult for them to raise money. We paid it forward to the animals woh needed it most. As much as a kind gesture it would be to pay for someone’s meal behind us in a line. I hate to say most people in this area are well off. Myw life mentioned anybody buying a Starbucks is already doing quite alright. Plus with COVID times, its not likely we are going out anywhere to pay it forward.

Nearly the whole day had passed and she contacted me. She remembered and she overpaid. My wife and I were happy to refund the money. Instead she said keep it and “do something nice for someone”. WOW…. Something like that is absolutely kind. I don’t want to use the word shocking or surprising. But it is. In this day and age; with the political climate and people truly suffering for money. its a joy to see such a kind gesture. I have to thank this individual to provide some positive light. the money will be well used and the wildlife in Cambodia will thank you for it.

Change Through The Stomach

I wanted to share that I will be posting more vegan recipes or dishes I have through this page. I realize that though I have avenues like instagram and such. I’m not really appealing to all my available avenues.

Hopefully someone stumbles upon my page looking for a recipe that is vegan or vegetarian. They can make it for themselves or someone else. And with that, they can influence all those around them. And that’s where we need to make the change: Through The Stomach!!! I mean thats what its all for right? To eat meat. Let’s show how delicious other meals can be without meat. I’d like to share my tricks and tips. How I eat on the daily. Being a husband, father, provider, house fixer, all in one in a vegan diet.

People have questions how do you feel? Do you have more energy? Do you need protein? Does it even taste good? All things people wonder about. So starting now, I want to share all that.

Up Close and Personal

The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic has hit everyone has hit everyone extremely hard. Many places are shutdown, off limits, or reservations needed. There are not too many options for families to go. Farme and outdoor spaces have been of special popularity during this time. 

My found a wonderful place called Frying Pan Farm in Herndon, VA. Its a county run farm that has tons of animals. Its free as well. My son being a huge bull and horse lover this fall has feel in love with animals. He can see and pet them. They are so close to you. It’s a wonderful experience to share with my son.

There are a ton of families who go visit. Being the spoiled boy that he is. We also got him a ride on the merry go round horse. All you need for fun and joy during this time.

I enoy seeing animals my whole lifr with squirrels, , chipmunks, birds, and deer in my own yard. I’ve seen plenty of horses. My father in law has pheasants and quail. We have family dogs of our own. But I realized I’ve never come face to face with cows and pigs. Two of the three most eaten and slaughtered animals in this world. I was able to see and pet these gentle creatures.

I saw no hate, no cruelty, no aggression. Simply enjoying the day and their lifes. And how could it be we humans kill by the millions for food. What have they done to us? Can we not sacrifice meals to let these precious animals live. Do we need our steak that bad?

As I see the hundreds of other children adoring the pigs and cows. Only to turn a blind eye a second later when they eat the same creature for lunch. Its such an ironic and fucked up mind boggling situation it was. Where else in our life can we love something so much and yet put in worst cruelty in same time?

I really couldn’t get over how gentle and calm they were. Then in a blink of an eye they will be murdered, raped, children stolen from them, tortured, all for the sake of someone to enjoy their meal for 15 minutes a day.

I wonder, take each person to the factory, see the blood and hear the screams. Smell the death. Let’s see if you can sit and enjoy that steak now.

Happy As A Clam (Or Carrot)

I have to really start talking about how happy I’ve been the past few months about myself, my eating, my family, my friends, and my surroundings. It’s really come full circle for me.

No need to sound like the center of the circle or one looking for attention. But it’s happy to be respected. I never thought it would be this hard. But the status quo is hardest thing to change.

People around me are more mindful about my life choice. I hope they understand my reasoning behind it. I come to a party or gathering. And people make sure there is something for me to eat. Its a kind and wonderful gesture from everybody. I truly appreciate it! People ask me questions about vegetarianism and my health. “What do you eat?” “How do you feel?” “How’s your energy?” All of which I’m happy to reply is delicious food and great!!!

I’m happy to tell my story and all the positives that come along with it. I feel great physically, mentally, emotionally and most of all morally! I hope that my decisions can help influence those around me and save some animals.

5 Year Vegetarian Anniversary.

A very wonderful milestone in my life. 5 wonderful happy, healthy, and cruelty free way of living as a vegetarian. There has been a number of ups an downs throughout this time. Some Im not proud of. But I’ve only grown more confident and proud of who I am and what I’m fighting for. All other aspects of my life I never shy away.

But for some reason my plant based, cruelty free lifestyle has made me shy in the past. Not always wanting to be seen. These days it can be more of a badge of honor. Something to be respected. I’ve always have loved and cared for animals. And even though I have not been able to make a career out of it. At least, I can fight in my own way on a daily basis. I can influence society with my money and decisions.

Everybody has causes they believe in and fight for. This is my most important one. I’ve read articles on famous vegans and vegetarians of human history. They date back to Greek times. Its a sobering thought that my wishes and goals for a world free of pain and suffering of animals has been going on for so long. These historical figures wanting the same freedom and safety of animals since societies began. Yet today we have only made the real push to achieve those ambitions with social media and plant based eating achievements. I hate to think in their shoes there is no progress and ending in sight.

As I am sitting here being one of so few who share such lifestyles. I would have no effect on the world or people around me. They have the best moral and logical arguments for not eating meat, but are disregarded entirely.

I always continue to be amazed at how far we come. I feel the energy and excitement about what I am doing for the vegan cause. I’m not alone and there are thousands of others connected and making efforts every single day. Such momentum allows for my own mental sanity to push away any negativity. I keep thanking the animals and to all the them let then know im still fighting. I won’t give up on you!!!!

Cash Money Is What Matters

Sitting here at 2am on a Friday Night. I’m thinking. I’m wondering. My mind is exploring any option to help the Cambodia. Help the environment and help the animals. What can I do? I use to have my billboard idea, that went to shit. I need to be a business there. Who am I in America? Nobody cares.

Wait one day. I think I’ll go to Cambodia. I’ll be on the ground. I’ll help the fighters on the front lines. Help protect the animals. Not going to happen. What other ways can I help from the outside? I’m in America, I got family, a life, a career. I’m not in Cambodia, what can I do thousands of miles away. For years and years, I crank my brain day in and day out on what I can do. ITs so limited. I always feel for the front line workers. Giving there careers, life, time to the such noble causes.

I just realized at the end of the day. Its only money that talks. Its only money that causes change. I decided to finally just bite the bullet. Stop thinking over and over and racking your brain. Just give that money. Thats what helps. My mother has vetted this organization in the past. The Wildlife Alliance in Cambodia. Most NGO’s can take your money or do minimal work. But we know every dollar goes to help the endangered animals. I can proudly give every dollar to them.

They have the connections, the resources, the man power, and on the ground in Cambodia to help the animals. And if the way I can help the most and the quickest is to give my money. Then so be it. I can give a little bit of what I have to make a big impact.

I started to think, why not build wooden furniture to sell and donate my proceeds? Its all the extra money I would typically make. So its not I need it and its for a good cause. Its on my time when I can build and sell. I called it “Build to Rescue”. Essentially every time I build something and make money of it, I and the buyer can help rescue an animal. A super win win win situation for everybody involved. I donated for the first time last month. I adopted A Slow Loris, say hello to “Pey”. I received a sponsorship kit about the animal to learn. I think its absolutely wonderful. I thank Wildlife Alliance for their tireless work.

I need to stop thinking too much and waiting. Make the change now. Which I did. Money is on the way my friends. I hope its enough to help.

Day 1: A New Me, Vegan Restart

It took me a long time to come to this. It took me a helluva damn long time. It took time to be this happy. It took time to fight this hard to break my glass ceiling. A goal I never thought I would reach. It took heartbreak and mental anguish time and time again for many years. But I finally hit my stride. I feel a new found happiness and emergence in myself to reaching this point. A true vegetarian and where I can finally proudly say it.

I no longer succumb to pressures, insecurities or inconveniences of others in how I live MY life. Life is a life, they all have meaning, killing is something I no longer believe in. I don’t eat meat, I don’t eat eggs or milk, I don’t simply excuse it for someone else. I’m proud to say what I do and what I’m fighting for. Its a noble cause. I hated myself for a long time and was disappointed. Eating meat to make someone else feel comfortable. Eating at a restaurant with no vegetarian choices because I didn’t want to cause a stir. Now I’m able to say I don’t do that and heres why. Take it or leave it.

I think its always difficult on how much of a stance and firm to be. Whether it be friends or family. You might piss someone off. You might make someone uncomfortable. But I know I’m doing the right thing and thats what matters. I know no one could argue with me and go toe to toe. And if they want to debate. LETS DO IT!!!! I’m going to win.

As bad as 2020 has been on the daily, this has been a great year for my personal vegan fight.

Pandemic Hiatus

Its been a crazy, wild, dark, divisive, chaotic, mind-numbing time. The world is segment of history that is unprecedented. America is going through a civil and political revolution never seen before. We are making it out ok. I never would have though a virus such as COVID-19 would be able to cause such distrust and discourse worse in our society. Normally, something like this brings humanity together. But it is actually ripping us apart.

My goal of this blog is not to directly influence one person one way or another but to only shed light and provide perspective on the issues. At the center of it all is the humanity and community that the issues bring to the forefront. A time where life should matter and opportunities to shine come. We failed in many aspects which brought an ugly face to everything negative about ourselves and society.

These are issues that affect everybody and everyone. We need to remember we are all in this together. We need to care for each other. We need to remember that these are our families, friends, neighbors, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, cousins. All these issues of race, color, poverty, environmentalism, even bringing about veganism, government affect everyone. There are people hurting and we need to listen. With my son and a new child on the way, we still need to make a world the best creates the society we want to see them grow in.