Up Close and Personal

Up Close and Personal

The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic has hit everyone has hit everyone extremely hard. Many places are shutdown, off limits, or reservations needed. There are not too many options for families to go. Farme and outdoor spaces have been of special popularity during this time. 

My found a wonderful place called Frying Pan Farm in Herndon, VA. Its a county run farm that has tons of animals. Its free as well. My son being a huge bull and horse lover this fall has feel in love with animals. He can see and pet them. They are so close to you. It’s a wonderful experience to share with my son.

There are a ton of families who go visit. Being the spoiled boy that he is. We also got him a ride on the merry go round horse. All you need for fun and joy during this time.

I enoy seeing animals my whole lifr with squirrels, , chipmunks, birds, and deer in my own yard. I’ve seen plenty of horses. My father in law has pheasants and quail. We have family dogs of our own. But I realized I’ve never come face to face with cows and pigs. Two of the three most eaten and slaughtered animals in this world. I was able to see and pet these gentle creatures.

I saw no hate, no cruelty, no aggression. Simply enjoying the day and their lifes. And how could it be we humans kill by the millions for food. What have they done to us? Can we not sacrifice meals to let these precious animals live. Do we need our steak that bad?

As I see the hundreds of other children adoring the pigs and cows. Only to turn a blind eye a second later when they eat the same creature for lunch. Its such an ironic and fucked up mind boggling situation it was. Where else in our life can we love something so much and yet put in worst cruelty in same time?

I really couldn’t get over how gentle and calm they were. Then in a blink of an eye they will be murdered, raped, children stolen from them, tortured, all for the sake of someone to enjoy their meal for 15 minutes a day.

I wonder, take each person to the factory, see the blood and hear the screams. Smell the death. Let’s see if you can sit and enjoy that steak now.