The Tearful Elephant

Its here! Its finally here! My first artwork. I really liked this artist I got from Fiverr coming from Romania. I really like her simplistic but child friendly art. There are so many choices, options, and styles to choose from. I had to bite the bullet and just start with one. I hope to gain enough money to do lots of art. But a start is a start.

I think this one is the easiest and yet most impacting scenario to understand. A tearful elephant ghost sees that his tusk was just used for a gift on Chinese New Year. It strikes me as something that should people find a little unbelievable. That an elephant must die for just a gift. And for what, as a chinese new year gift…. Is that worth a life? I didn’t want to start off with something so dramatic. Just something easy to understand. There are no villains here. There is no immense evil. It is just regular people. And we need to break that myth and mold. As normal as it seems, you killed something beautiful.

I hope I can spread this on social media for Cambodians in Cambodia. They are at the center of trade route. We need to share and hopefully people learn. Its the start of something. I want to be a little different in showing that its just not terrible. But what is going on? We care for them, they die, its bad? Its more than that, they are beautiful creatures, they want to live, our reason for killing them is terrible. We need to do something about it, in the end, it is us causing the destruction. I’m very happy with the art and my progress. Time to identify some places to post up.

Illustrate Reality


Time to get back on track. Time is back on my side. No more home renovations, no more yard work, baby room is done. Now you’re free, now you got time to fight the good fight. I’ve been busy for quite a few months. Distracting me (rightly so) from my ambitions and goals. I’ve always felt reluctant to take on any real project. I think it gets scary when it becomes real. But I actually feel good about my upcoming projects, I think something can actually be accomplished and progress made.

My baby is due in a couple of weeks. I’ve been slightly anxious but very excited about him coming. My wife and the preparation of baby Henry coming has taken my full and mostly undivided attention. But I don’t want to my work stop, if its at snail speed but at least its going. But now with everything done and the waiting game begins. My mind is rev up to the highest throttle. Its going at a hundred miles an hour and driving in every and all directions.

So I finally have some real projects underway. I’m working on finding some good artists to draw me illustrations that show the truth and reality of what happens to animals in Cambodia. You think its harmless to get a elephants tusk for a gift, a pangolin scale for soup, or snake blood to heal? Its all preposterous, its not right and there is no proof any of it is actually beneficial. So we need to stop it and that is through education. Simple and straightforward messages. I want to post it on social media and have it spread through the masses. Hopefully we can keep changing people’s minds one by one. I also have another project which will hopefully bring additional funds. I’m happy to get back to it, I’m happy to get back to making a difference.

I can’t wait for Henry to get here. I want to leave a better world for him.

If you’re reading this and can help any way you can. I would truly appreciate it. 100% of the funds go towards the cause.

Where Humanity Stands

“Looking at the bigger picture, we have to ask ourselves where humanity is and where are we standing, and how much more can we abuse nature. I think hunting is just a symbol for a bigger process that’s going on.”
By Ulrich Seidl

A new documentary has come out about safari hunting. Though it is probably too heart breaking to watch myself. I hope others can watch and see that is not right.

This is one of the bigger issues that seems to plague my mind and its reasoning. Its not just hunting and killing animals, but this is a special kind of sadness and very disturbing. Hunting is no longer around because obviously we raise and kill livestock to feed today. Not that I believe it is a more humane way of doing things. And many hunters in the USA kill local deer and animals maybe for sport, but use all the meat and other parts as not to go to waste.

But what makes safari hunting special is people going out of their way and spending a high sum of money to go out and kill exotic animals. They have to travel a far distance to kill. They do not personally use the meat or animal products themselves for use. There is no reasoning and logic. It is a backwards thinking to say that they hunt because they love. To save the animal you must kill them. Older and sick species can be killed off because it harms the herd. The money used for hunting goes back to the community. If they do not hunt, there is not reason to protect the animals. Its a vicious circle of reasoning.

Is it to say, if I do not buy illegal drugs, the poor family who makes the drugs do not have food to eat? If I don’t buy clothes from a company that uses child workers, I won’t employ people? And then taxes paid by the company to help the country, so the country falls? It is reasoning that leads to somewhere that is wrong. If they love the animals or want to help, they could have just donated the money. Or do they have to receive some benefit out of it, which is the hunt.

I think the quote by Ulrich Siedl says its best. While there might not be a legitimate reason, it is a implication for something bigger that is immorally conflicting with people. It is a epitome of human’s relation to nature and the animal world. What are we doing and why? Whats the point of this senseless killing? They kind not even find a legitimate reason to defend what they are doing. They do these horrific actions under the guise of helping? Disgusting. These animals can not defend themselves again high powered weapons. What thrill do you get. If you take a knife against a lion, I might give you the OK. That makes a real thrill and real honor that you can conquer.