Adopt Definitely Do Not Shop

I was every surprised to past by a local Petco the other day and stumble upon this sign upon the front entrance. Nice big and seen by everyone who wants to come in. “Think Adoption First” a simple yet powerful message to the community about pets. Adoption is often seen as a taboo to do since another dog is not a “pure breed” and can come with “many dysfunctional traits”. In the end, yes these dogs may a little tougher to love at first. But in the end, they are lovable loyal dogs like all the others.

Who knows what upbringing these dogs may have had or time in the shelter that could cause behavioral issues. The message is clear to think about adoption. No need to go into the who what where and why. For a big company to stand behind the adoption pledge in a public fashion is fantastic. I couldn’t be ever more happy they would do so. We are not anti-pet or anti-business, the movement is about anti-cruelty and anti-suffering.

Increasing Tofu Options At Asian Grocery Market

Yep, here we are back at again at Good Fortune Supermarket. My wife and I frequently visit this place for our grocery needs. We go here almost once a month to get food. Located at Eden Center in Falls Church, VA. Its a very convenient location to restaurants we frequent, to and from work, or to our rental house. Has Route 50 and Route 7 as its major intersections, its a place to zip on by. We’ve been coming here since the near its grand opening and have been pleasantly pleased with the options and prices they have provided so far.




What I have noticed is in its once small tofu section has grown quite increasingly large. It used to be simple medium and soft tofu options in large uncooked packages. With now growing into 3-4 sections. In it, you can find a variety of deep fried tofu, hard tofu, mock chicken and beef tofu, five spice tofu, hot and spicy tofu, soy noodles and so on. Included are a bunch of soy milk options as well. I’m overly impressed on the variety and vastness of selection. These tofu options can be used in a ton of dishes. Before being regulated to just regular soft tofu, it was very hard to incorporate to dishes with flavor. Its the toughness and texture in these other tofu options that satisfy the craving that I use to get from meat.

Not only with that, there are 3-4 Vegetarian soup options as well in a can. It is just as good as Pho Hot In Annandale. I’m almost certain they pop open one of these cans and then put some noodles it. Sorry to say, I’ll probably have to save on the $6 to just eat and make at home. Now its just time to find the hard whey soy that they get and I’m set for life.


So a thumbs up to Good Fortune to increasing there tofu options and helping vegetarians like myself.

Simple Yes or No. This Is Where To Go.

One of the early changes in my shopping routines with my wife after becoming vegetarian is “Well…What do I eat now?”. Lots of stuff are vegetarian such as pasta, fruits, vegetables, noodles, etc. But you have to figure out what to eat day to day. You need the good amount of protein with a well balanced diet. The kicker, it has to taste good too. No way you will last with such bland vegetables and fruits with meals. You have to be real and set expectations lower on how delicious your meals day to day can be. Not to say you can’t make good food.

Being a carnivore for 30 years, everything revolved around meat. Ok Steak with this and this, ok chicken with this and this, if not that much pork, then put this and this. It was the central focal point of nearly any and all meals. So I began to shop and find my places and things what to get. You need that substitute for hard protein. I found that Trader Joes, espeically one in Falls Church, was a great place to get veggie options. They have  soy sausages, soy chirizo, and even meatless breakfast patties. You’re not really missing out when you these things kind of available. The hard part is simply to know whre to go. You’re not going to know where you can shop and what you can get without visiting them. Knowledge is key. Trader Joes has a fantastic selection of vegetarian and soy based goods to apply to many meals. Even my wife was impressed with the soy chorizo and said it was hard to tell the difference. Thats how much flavor there is. She took the soy chorizo and mixed it with a spaghetti sauce.

Anyways, that gave me the idea to simply make a map of places that are vegetarian friendly. And I don’t mean, anything you can eat that is vegetarian. Obviously I know i can eat some pasta, some bread, some fruits, some candy, or eggs and be vegetarian. These things are offered at any grocery store. What I mean was for places that given a YES or NO to be a vegetarian and/or vegan friendly offerings from their store. Places with lots of soy goods or everyday household meals that are vegetarian or vegan friendly. So lets start it, google maps, and where can we vegetarians can shop and get lots of goods!!

**** The vegan cheese needs a considerable amount of work. I dont mean to be picky or choosy. And I know many times its not close to real stuff and thats not what I’m seeking. Half the time, I’m just seeking somethin bearable resemblance. The vegan cheese offered at Trader Joes,. major turn off. I could barely stomach it. Dont get it unless you want to support the cause.