Egg Advocacy

I stopped by Lotte with my wife the other day in Springfield or Burke, VA. I forget which city it lies in. We needed some eggs and my wife wonders how eggs can be so cheap versus others. I wanted to get to the bottom of it and did some research. How do they make them so cheap? Because they don’t care about animal life. Worst conditions, worst treatment. That’s how you get cheap eggs. I’ll gladly pay the extra money to know my chicken isn’t kept in a 1 foot cell with barely any food, sick, can’t lay down, and inhumane conditions. Also probably bludgeoned to death afterwards as well. I decided to write a letter to Lotte and see what they might have to say about it. If they can maybe stop the selling of those eggs and be on the right ethical path. There are obvious signs its a growing trend by having these alternative eggs grown ethically. Its just one more step needed.

Dear Lotte Management,

I have frequented Lotte Plaza for many years now. I have always enjoyed shopping at your store for its quality products, great prices, and wonderful atmosphere. I am a loyal customer who will continue to shop at Lotte for years to come.

But I come to you as a customer with a pressing matter. Over the years, I’ve noticed at your grocery store along with others a growing trend to provide higher quality and ethically raised eggs. With Lotte on the forefront to provide a large variety and cost friendly ethically raised and sustainable eggs such as Alderfer eggs. I did ample research and found one egg company you carry, Hillandale Farms, is a notorious unethical, cruel, and abusive egg producer. They have repeatedly over years continue to treat their chickens in inhumane conditions. Their efforts to make improvements are minimal and action less. (Links below)

I ask Lotte management to greatly reconsider selling eggs from Hillandale Farms. That Lotte is a place that has compassion for animals where its products come from and does not condone suffering. A small but yet impactful step for Lotte set the industry standard would be with the eggs you sell and no longer carry eggs from cruel business practices like Hillandale Farms. And whether now or in the future, no egg products sold at Lotte will be from businesses with unethical practices.

A common argument for businesses such as Hillandale is that stopping them is “anti-business”. That is not the case. It is simply that we do not condone it because we are anti-suffering. There is no need for suffering just to produce cheap eggs. The same logic is when society does not want to buy clothing produced in a child sweatshop. Are people anti-business? No we just don’t like children to suffer. Its simple.

Your customer base are moral and compassionate individuals who no longer wish to stand for such cruelty. They will support such progressive and moral choices that you make. This will go along with great principles you hold dear of leading, listening, pride and loyalty. Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.


Virak Kchao


(Worst rating)

Egg Me

Happy to see that some local asian grocery stores are selling good eggs that are from free range and organic chickens. I know the egg industry can be bad as a whole. But the key is to make change and progress. If I have to get eggs, I want to do the best I can, knowing I’m only buying from a good company. I thought eggs was a really difficult thing to do. Organic eggs used to cost so much and be so expensive. Then anything you read of free range, cage free, or organic didn’t mean anything. I mean ok cramped in 1 foot diameter cage, but wait he’s cage free stuck with 1000 other chickens and less space than before. Nice trick and false use of the words egg industry.

But I tried to do as much research as possible. And Nature’s Yoke never popped up negatively for me. I see on there website and egg cartons they promote this healthy and free chicken as much as possible. But they seem to be telling the truth. They are going above USDA standards. And even though they cost more, they are still a good price for what are getting. And you definitely see its working when they are flying off the shelves. I went to some grocery stores in Annandale and Falls Church and see them there and almost gone all the time. If its one thing about Asians, they like a good bargain. And the fact they buy it shows they care and if you make it a simple economic choice for them. They will do it.

I saw this rating on Cornucopia Institute website. “The Cornucopia Institute, through research and investigations on agricultural and food issues, provides needed information to family farmers, consumers and other stakeholders in the good food movement and to the media. We support economic justice for the family-scale farming community – partnered with consumers – backing ecologically produced local, organic and authentic food.”