True Christmas Spirit

Its starting to feel better and better when it comes to family gatherings and my beliefs cared for. Its really quite simple. I don’t eat meat. I love animals and think their my friends. Its not hard. Just let me pick and choose my food that no animal dead or suffered in. And close family recognize that more and more.

I truly felt it for the first time at Christmas Holidays at my cousins. Its an annual tradition to meet at her house from all sides of the family. First by getting texts week prior on the meals being prepared. And my cousin and her husband noting they will cook certain dishes for me. It is quite heartwarming and utmost respect for who I am as a person.

But its when I got to to the house on Christmas day. To just see and feel it in person is where it truly is felt. Potato dishes and vegetable dishes made for me. Fruits and sides available where I can also eat. I can really feel at home and not be judged when plenty of options for the lone vegetarian of the family. Even others asking what is made or not made, items were converted so items weren’t cook using other animal fats. and GUESS WHAT, IT STILL TASTES DELICIOUS!

With my son and niece/nephews running around and playing. It was happy to see all around. Family to gather for a Christmas Holiday. I can talk about who I am and what type of morals have changed for me. It can be open and respectful, no judging or hate or laughter. I’m not crazy, everybody just needs to catch on. On to more Happy Holidays in the future.

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Just wanted to share some good news and some work I’ve been doing on Instagram. It may not be much but depicting the vegan movement in the correct light is important. People perceive things different and the conversation changes tone. Feel free to use and share!

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