I’ll make this quick. I’m disappointed. Sad. Frustrated. You work to make change. You hope you can reach their hearts and minds. You hope to make a difference. I’ve been working over over 8-9 months to get Petco to put BACK up the “Think Adoption First” posters. I work with two Petco regional managers. One came up short on words. The next seemed promising and uplifting. Posters were taken down. I wanted back up. They were willing to make a change. There was progress and hope. You can see from my previous posts the work we have done.

Then I past by the Petco after shopping at Trader Joes. And I see posters are up. WHAT! NO WAY!. Its back up. Nope. New posters about shopping at Petco for low prices. I can only feel so extremely disappointed and saddened that all this work and talk has lead to nothing. To get awareness for pet adoption takes time and organization. To get posters up for profit is quick and simple. I guess I need to keep fighting for the animals. Progress and change is never won so quickly. But have my words and work to reach their souls to make a change. To help save to poor animal friends for which this company is made to serve. I will keep trying but with reluctant heart. I hope someone from Petco is reading this. Please make a change. Please don’t let my words to care for animals go unheard and away for nothing.



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