Pangolins Strike Back!

Pangolins Strike Back!

In light of all the Coronavirus epidemic, is the cause and research back to what started and cause this. A result of this being tens of thousands and nearly a thousand are sick or dying from this deadly disease. At the beginning of it all, it starts with the animals who initially carried them and past them on.

At the heart of the story, bats and snakes continue to be in the mainstream. A new fact is emerging that Pangolins are the root animal and transfer of the disease. What seems to be a light flu and caution is turning out to a be a full scale terror on the world and especially China. It seems like a mild war time effort with evacuations, city isolations, travel bans, hospitals being in 5 days, etc. It is unbelievable the length and magnitude of what has happened.

All due to someone or group of peoples eating exotic animals and getting the virus. From there infecting thousands in a few weeks. And you must ask yourself what fulls such a drive to eat such animals. Whether it be for health, fame, love, or pure sport. It shows a culture that thrives and puts a mystical aura on eating such animals. When in fact there is virtually no gain in any of those aspects. I do not mean to be cold hearted or cruel in my discussion. My heart goes out to those inflicted with such pain and misery and even those pass away. But the selfishness of one or a few has caused all this.

It simply has to stop. Stop eating the exotic animals. They can not do anything for you. They just want to live in peace. If anything, this is a great lesson for the world on what lessons we need to preach and put in place. Places like Vietnam and China fuel the demand of such industries. Even Cambodia and all across the world have hidden demand for it. It is just incredible to see such selfishness to continue. Do thousands dying and effecting the world give you any second thought to what you are doing.

Nature has its way and this is one way to balance and make the score even.