Dog Training Gone Too Far

Baylor Football Player Ishmael Zamora is seen caught here hitting his dog repeatedly and quite hard in what he says was a house training incident. When does training a dog go too far? Having pets nearly all my life, it is quite frustrating when they do not listen. But when it comes to training how do you expect a dog to understand? It can not understand your words or your intentions so easily. Imagine you trying to understand what a dog wants you to do and you get beat if you do not follow. There are many methods to training and he should have understood it is a slow process.

Do I hate what he did? Yes. Do I hate Ishmael Zamora? No. I believe there is a lesson to be told as harsh of a reality this can be. This is something everybody should see and understand that something like this should never be done. This was at the expense of Ishmael’s dog but should show all potential owners that frustrations do exist. He obviously let it get the best of him. He is now getting training. And if you look at training it is quite expensive, it is hard for a common dog owner to get. More questions than answers in an ever complex issue and web And what about the friend recording? Did he not think it was too harsh and why did he not say or do anything to stop it. I think this is the new norm in just broadcasting it to the world like snapchat. Something for just entertainment. There wasn’t positive that would come out of this.

Another thing to think about is what punishment is he going to receive. This story has been publicized all across the sporting world and we are watching to see what will happen. Being a sports fan myself, I know that Baylor has gone understand a ton of scrutiny recently and this is not something they wanted. So they are under the microscope to what they will do about this situation. I’m reading that its a possible $500 fine included in his misdemeanor. I don’t know if I feel that is enough. Make it something where people will definitely not think about doing something like that. I feel he is remorseful and his emotions got the best of him. And its not a reoccurring thing especially with him under such spotlight.

We will see how his football career goes, but I think a half a football year suspension would be a good discipline. People are allowed redemption in our society and I think it would be fair.

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Rhino Awareness

These UK Party Retailers took it upon themselves to bring awareness for the poaching of rhinos in South Africa. Some 80% of rhinos reside in South Africa. I’m happy to hear that these companies took time to raise awareness. During my time in South Africa, it was quite amazing to see them in their most natural habitat. But as much as we wnat them to be left alone, they needed the utmost care at the reserve. These poaching units will even get helicopters to come down and shoot them for their horn. The funny thing is Rhino horn is made out of the same composition as your nail. What medicinal or superpowers does a nail composition help our Asian friends. Being asian myself, superstitution lies heavy with many people. But this is not the kind of thing that we need.

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Involving the Community

I have received some decent viewings and response on my Fairfax County Animal Lovers post on the forums. I just wanted to gauge what kind of interest and responses I can get from the community. If I were to start some efforts or movement, I would certainly want to start in my own backyard of Fairfax County. I always believe in grassroots and starting small and simple. Really making an impact from the ground up. It has mixed results so far. Some do understand the situation and that it needs to be addressed while others are trolls just looking to lash out.

Though I guess any sort of feedback or viewing is positive. Bumps up my post and gains some attention even if negative posting. Around 700-800 views for this is not too bad. Again what I’m seeking is to see if anybody has deeper knowledge to the inner workings and possible insight to solutions. It appears its just not an issue well thought out and people just dealing with the dogs coming in and rehoming them. Please stay tuned, hopefully get some more responses.

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Fairfax County Animal Lovers
Posted by: My Dear Layla ()
Date: May 18, 2016 01:55PM

Hello all,

I’m been wondering about this issue for quite some time and looking to get some help in tackling it in at least Fairfaxcounty.

We all love animals and consider dogs/cats”Man’s best friend” but we continue to euthanize millions of dogs and cats each year. People breed dogs, people buy them, ones we don’t want go to shelters/get abandoned and then many die.

We hear of always spay/neuter your pet and tons of organizations looking to help adopt animals. But the situation seems to go beyond that and not really tackling what is causing pet overpopulation which lead to so many of our dear friends being euthanized. Unfortunately, I and others can not adopt and save them all.

I have attached a chart and those are the only figures I could find online in general research. If you could please contribute or help. I would like to start tackling this issue within or community and preventing this unneeded massacre of dogs and cats.